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About the American Zionist Movement

Sunday, July 25, 2004
About the American Zionist Movement
The American Zionist Movement Past And Future
The American Zionist Movement is a coalition of groups and individuals committed to Zionism, the idea that the Jewish people is one people with a shared history, values and language. AZM is the American. affiliate of the World Zionist Organization, the Zionist Federation in the United States. Like all members of the WZO, AZM's unifying principles are those of the Jerusalem Program.

The Jerusalem Program
The Jerusalem Program is the set of ideals and principles on which all Zionists agree. Adopted in 1968 at the 27th World Congress, it is the very basis of the unity on which the American Zionist Movement rests. The five points of the Jerusalem Program are:
The Unity of the Jewish people and the centrality of Israel in Jewish life;
The ingathering of the Jewish people in the historic homeland, Eretz Israel, through Aliyah from all countries;
The strengthening of the State of Israel which is based on the prophetic vision of justice and peace;
The preservation of the identity of the Jewish people through the fostering of Jewish, Hebrew and Zionist education and of Jewish spiritual and cultural values;
The protection of Jewish rights everywhere.
Read more about the Jerusalem Program.

What We Do
The American Zionist Movement has its own mandate for action here in the United States. We have set our own goals and objectives to involve more Jews in Zionism and to take an activist posture on the Jewish scene:
AZM Acts On Behalf Of Israel
AZM defends Israel's cause with vigor and confidence, supporting Israel as a rightful ally and trusted partner of the United States; we work tirelessly on behalf of Jews in distress or living under oppression inspired by the hope that they will ultimately reach Israel.
AZM Involves Future Generations
AZM offers the next generation of young Zionists opportunities for leadership and action in the Zionist cause; we help young Jewish students confront the problems on American campuses today and strengthen the links between Jewish faculty and students.
AZM Strengthens Jewish Identity
AZM promotes and enhances creative Jewish continuity, using the magnetic force of Israel as a weapon against the destructive trends of assimilation and intermarriage; we are creating a new sense of Jewish self through identification with the people and the State of Israel.
AZM Promotes The Israel Experience
Stronger bonds between American Jews and Israel will result from personal contact with Israel. This includes travel to Israel for short visits and whole summers, learning Hebrew, spending a college year or more, planning family visits and sabbaticals, volunteering, and investing in the economic development of the State of Israel.
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