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A day with the doctor turns to God

Thursday, July 22, 2004
I went to see my doctor today. I was really upset and so very tired. Afterward, I walked by the Blessed Sacrament Chapel (this is at the VAMC in Minneapolis). I just knelt and prayed and kind of let God have all my worries and fears. I prayed for my family and for the conversion of people I care for and selfishly for myself. Afterward, I just decided to take a chance and see if the priest was in so I could go to confession. After a bit of a wait he showed up. All my fears slowly disappeared and my mood improved--quietly. I then went to Mass--which conveniatly took place less than 20minutes later. The joy and happiness that I felt when I walked out is indescribable. I guess it shows that God is always there to help and just Be with you if you only let Him. Do me a favor--those of you who are having a hard time and live with depression---go to Jesus, visit with Him, go to confession and go to Holy Mass. Let Christ heal you and rejoice!!
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