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Edwards is a fine choice. Cheney was a bad choice.

Sunday, July 25, 2004
Edwards is a fine choice. Cheney was a bad choice.
2004 Elections

Edwards is a fine choice. Cheney was a bad choice.
By Mike Hersh
Jul 8, 2004

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Sen. John Edwards is a fine choice for Vice President. Dick Cheney was a bad choice. Of course Cheney picked himself! That confirms Cheney's poor judgment. Bush Republicans attacking Edwards' supposed lack of experience can't pass the laugh test.
Edwards is a winner. He won long shot lawsuits against powerful corporations that abused people. He won a US Senate seat on his first crack at elective politics. Once elected, Edwards served on the Senate Intelligence Committee. He therefore has deep understanding of issues like anti-terrorism and national defense.

Republicans want to talk experience? Let's talk experience. Bush still lacks experience to match Edwards'. If Bush knew what he was doing, maybe 3,000 Americans would not have died on 9/11/01. Bush is a life-long drunken druggie who never even tried to work until he was in his 40s. Then Bush still failed at everything.

Bush couldn't find oil in West Texas or the Middle East. He ran one business after another into the ground. He dabbled in illegal insider trading and only avoided prosecution because his Daddy picked the SEC chairman. The best defense Bush backers have is that the stocks in question - Harken - went back up after the nose-dive Bush avoided. All that shows is that Bush makes a lousy crook. He's still a crook.

Bush lost his run for Congress, despite generous backing from his close friend "Kenny Boy" Lay. The same Ken Lay currently under indictment for several crimes. Bush claimed he didn't know Lay that well. This is a complete lie. Lay's family and Enron backed Bush enough to get him elected as part-time governor in a weak system in Texas. Bush did a lousy job at that too.

Bush is clearly inexperienced and not qualified at all. He is an Enron-bought "Cash and Carry" politican deeply indebted to multinational special interests and Saudi Arabia. The GOP Machine picked Bush only because his name is Bush. That's it. By contrast Edwards has about the same IQ as Bush and Cheney combined, and much more real-life experience than both of them put together.

True, experience isn't everything. Cheney has a lot of it, but it's all experience screwing up. Cheney was Ford's Chief of Staff and screwed up. Ford couldn't get along with Congress, in large part because Cheney is so extremist, arrogant and inept. He messed up as Congressman - voting against Head Start and education, the environment and other critically important concerns.

Cheney also failed as Secretary of Defense, advising GHW Bush that Iraq would never attack Kuwait, and then with befuddlement when the telegraphed attack came. Cheney's worst ever failure is as Veep. Entrusted to Chair the Anti-Terrorism task force, Cheney chose to meet with oil company insiders and never convened the task force until it was too late to prevent the al Qaeda attacks.

Cheney lies, plots crimes, and then gets caught because he's more arrogant and oafish than smart. He needed his duck hunting buddy Antonin "anti-democracy" Scalia to pull his butt out of the fire. Former Sen. Al D'Amato is correct. If the GOP machine is smart, they'll overrule Mr. "Go F*** Yourself" and ease Cheney off the ticket, then try to find a decent human being to run with Bush. At least that will make one decent human being on the ticket.

Who could they find in the degraded GOP to qualify? Maybe Bush will pick a Democrat to replace criminal Cheney? Maybe he can get Nader? Bottom line: any Bush supporter who claims Edwards is unqualified to serve as president based on his supposed lack of experience should demand Bush resign immediately for the same reason.

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