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Litany to Mary

Saturday, July 24, 2004

Opening prayer

Mary, God chose you as the mother of his Son and called all nations and generations to bless the gift of grace he gave you. In the company of those who have gone before us, with people of all races and languages, we call upon you in prayer.


Holy Mary, (Response: pray for us)
Mother of God,
Mother of our redemption,
Mother of a lost child,
Mother of comfort and understanding,
Mother who shares our joys,
Mother who endures our sorrows,
Mother whose heart was pierced by a sword,
Mother most merciful,
Woman responsive to God's word,
Woman willing to believe the impossible,
Woman who rejoices in her lowliness,
Woman with an undivided heart,
Woman of perfect freedom,
Woman wrapped in mystery,
Woman moved by the Spirit,
Woman champion of the poor and lowly,
Woman graced by a husband's love,
Woman widowed by a husband's death,
Woman at the cross,
Woman patient and waiting,
Woman clothed with the sun,
Queen of the fullness of times,
Queen of beauty unalloyed,
Queen of integrity,
Queen of painful meetings,
Queen of all our heart's treasure,
Queen of our destiny,
Queen of peace,

Mary, you are mother and virgin, wife and widow, peasant and queen - blessed for all time. We need the comfort of your prayers. Remember us always to our Father through your Son, Jesus Christ, who is our Lord for ever and ever. Amen.

Rev. Joseph H. Lackner, S.M.

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Glory to you, God our Creator ...
Breathe into us new life, new meaning.
Glory to you, God our Savior ...
Lead us in the way of peace and justice.
Glory to you, healing Spirit ...
Transform us to empower others.

Mary, wellspring of peace ...

Be our guide.
Model of strength
Model of gentleness
Model of trust
Model of courage
Model of patience
Model of risk
Model of openness
Model of perseverance
Mother of the liberator ...

Pray for us.
Mother of the homeless
Mother of the dying
Mother of the nonviolent
Mother of widowed mothers
Mother of unwed mothers
Mother of a political prisoner
Mother of the condemned
Mother of the executed criminal
Oppressed woman ...

Lead us to life.
Liberator of the oppressed
Marginalized woman
Comforter of the afflicted
Cause of our joy
Sign of contradiction
Breaker of bondage
Political refugee
Seeker of sanctuary
First disciple
Sharer in Christ's passion
Seeker of God's will
Witness to Christ's resurrection
Woman of mercy ...

Empower us.
Woman of faith
Woman of contemplation
Woman of vision
Woman of wisdom and understanding
Woman of grace and truth
Woman, pregnant with hope
Woman, centered in God
Closing prayer

Mary, Queen of Peace, we entrust our lives to you. Shelter us from war, hatred and oppression. Teach us to live in peace, to educate ourselves for peace. Inspire us to act justly, to revere all God has made. Root peace firmly in our hearts and in our world. Amen.

Used with permission. Source: Pax Christi USA / 348 East Tenth Street / Erie, PA 16503 / 814/453-4955

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Response to each invocation: Have mercy on us.

Jesus, knit so wonderfully in the womb of Mary,
Jesus, conceived by the Holy Spirit in the womb of Mary,
Jesus, uniquely human from the moment of conception in the womb of Mary,
Jesus, present at creation, created in the womb of Mary,
Jesus, word made flesh, taking on a human body in the womb of Mary,
Jesus, subject to human development in the womb of Mary,
Jesus, whose Precious Blood first flowed through tiny arteries and veins in the womb of Mary,
Jesus, hidden nine months in the womb of Mary,
Jesus, begotten by God, nourished by the substance and blood of His Most Holy Mother in the womb of Mary,
Jesus, leaping from eternity into time, in the womb of Mary
Jesus, revealing with His Father and the Holy Spirit all wisdom and knowledge to His Most Holy Mother, in the womb of Mary,
Jesus, aware of His role as Redeemer in the womb of Mary,
Jesus, Sanctifier of His Precursor from the womb of Mary,
Jesus, Eternal Word, Divine Child, embraced by the Father, in the womb of Mary,
Jesus, raising His Mother to the heights of sanctification, in the womb of Mary,
Jesus, everlasting delight of heaven, in the womb of Mary,
Jesus, manifesting His Incarnation to His Holy Mother, in the womb of Mary,
Jesus, adored and contemplated by His Mother in the sanctuary of her womb Jesus, before whom the angels prostrated themselves, in the womb of Mary,
Jesus, in whom the very angels beheld the humanity of the Infant God and the union of the two natures of the Word in the virginal womb of Mary,
Jesus, whose Holy Limbs first budded in the womb of Mary,
Jesus, whose Godhead the world cannot contain, weighing only a few grams in the womb of Mary,
Jesus, Divine Immensity, once meaning only tenths of an inch in the womb of Mary,
Jesus, Sacrificial Lamb, Docile Infant in the womb of Mary,
Jesus, who was to suffer the agony and passion of death, accepting the human capacity for pain ad grief, in the womb of Mary,
Jesus, Lamb of God in the womb of Mary Spare us, O Lord.
Jesus, Holy Innocent in the womb of Mary Graciously hear us, O Lord.
Jesus, Son of God and Messiah in the womb of Mary Have mercy on us, O Lord.

Let us pray:

God, our creator, you formed us as women and men,
equal partners in the stewardship of your world:
joined forever as sisters and brothers,
yet within each of us lives a rich diversity of different gifts,
different hopes and different limitations.
In Jesus, your word born fully in our flesh,
you have seen and loved in us all that you have made us to be.
Though graced, we are limited and often weak.
But our weaknesses themselves are no obstacle to your passion for us.
Teach us to see in ourselves what you have seen in each of us from birth.
Teach us to know our gifts and limits.
Keep us confidently on the path of self-knowledge,
fullness of wisdom, and joy in being your children.
We ask this through Christ and the Holy Spirit, with you,
One God, forever and ever. Amen

The above litany was composed by Edward F Gabriele and is the closing prayer from Prayers for Peace and Justice. Act Justly, Love Tenderly, Walk Humbly. Every attempt was unsuccessfully made by Mary Page to locate the author and publication. Assistance in this regard would be appreciated.
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