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Anti American?? my butt!!!!!!

Sunday, October 24, 2004
The comment was made to me yesterday that just got under my skin. I was told that it is anti-American to support the troops but not support the president. What happened to a participatory democracy? I am so sick and tired of people throwing around labels rather than listening to issues and working for positive change. I respect someone who may disagree with me concering my views on politics if they listen to both sides and then reach a conculsion. I don't respect anyone of any party that say my way or the highway. I don't respect anyone who throws out labels but does not work get involved in the process. I don't respect people who can but don't take the time to vote or participate in democracy. It is easy to throw out labels. It is much more difficult to get involved. It takes work (intellectually and physically) to read differing opinions and come to your own informed decision. Anyone can wave a flag and call someone else names but it takes a REAL AMERICAN to participate. The enemy is not voters who differ.. the real enemy is blind obediance and indifference. The truth is out there for people to find if they look. No party has 100% of the answers. Each party has it's heros and pacifists. Each party has it's version of the truth. Let me tell you people the only one who has the real truth is Christ and He is not a member of any political party.
I am Pro Life. I am also pro troops but I am against the war in Iraq. I am a democrat but I am against several key planks in the official party platform. I am pro environment but I am also in favor of the rights of people over the rights of a animal or tree. I served my country as a Marine..I was injured in several ways as I served. I am an American and I choose to speak out--if that is for a issue that is against the president's policy or against Sen. Kerry that is my right. At least I participate, learn about the issues from all sides and vote. Don't tell me that because I don't follow Fox news every line or the president's every policy that I am Anti American or Anti troops. At least I try to participate and I vote..what do you do???
I met the mark and I put my boots on when called...I Vote and I make my voice known not just sit back and let things happen or follow someone elses view because of their particualr party affiliation. Unless you are part of the solution .. you are part of the problem. If you are going to disagree with me on a policy issue then fine but don't cast out labels. A child can throw out a label but only an adult can responsiblly vote.
I am very seriously considering writing a candidate in for President even though I previously stated that I would vote for Bush. I just don't think I can vote for him with a good consious just as I don't think I can vote for Kerry because of his position on life issues. I will not just sit home and do nothing I will let my voice be heard at least to a voting machine. I will vote for life and I don't think that means that I have to vote for W. No party or candidate has the moral right on all the issues right now. The so called Christian right is wrong and the peoples party of the left is against the weakest members of society. Where does the ethical moral person in the center sit?
So that is my daily rant.
May Jesus Christ be praised!
Omnia Pro Jesu Per Mariam!!
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