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Rags to riches...what a neat story!

Tuesday, November 23, 2004
While watching the 10 o'clock news on Kare 11 I learned about the guy from New York that had declaired bankruptcy just recently and only had less than a doller in his bank account and then won 88 million dollers in the lottery. Wow! That is such a neat story! That guy (and his creditors) will have a great Thankgiving this year. I hope and pray that he does good things with his new found wealth and helps out people that have been in his similar position. Then I think about the woman from Minnesota that kept getting in trouble with the law again and again after her windfall. As much as I would love to have tons of money so that I could afford a nice house and a car that does not break down all the time and to be able to have some better food choices for Thanksgiving--I would never want it if it meant that I lost my relationship with God. No amount of money is worth that! Anyway, it is a neat story and I hope there are more like it!
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