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St. Nicon Metanoeite

Friday, November 26, 2004

+JMJPT+ Remembering our Orthodox brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus we ask for the intercession of St. Nicon. St. Nicon pray for us and lead us to Christ through the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Saint Nicon, the son of a certain noble, was from Armenia. Forsaking his parents and homeland, he passed throughout the parts of the East, crying to all men, "Repent ye," because of which he received this name. Finally, he came to Lacedaemonia of the Peloponnesus, where he built a church in honour of Christ our Saviour. After having dwelt there many years in solitude, and having converted many from paganism, he departed to the Lord about the end of the ninth century.
+++++++ Apolytikion:

Third Tone

Lacedaemon doth rejoice with gladness in the godly shrine of thy blest relics, which doth make streams of healings to overflow and doth preserve from affliction and sore distresss all them that hasten, O Father, to thee with faith. Righteous Nicon, intercede with Christ God in our behalf that His great mercy may be granted unto us.

Second Tone

Emulating the life of the Angels, thou didst esteem the world's delights as dross, while showing us the paths of repentance, O righteous and God-bearing Nicon. Wherefore, as we now celebrate thy memorial, we honour thee; for thou in truth art a fountain of healings.
My deepest respect and prayers go to Our Brothers and Sisters in Christ in the Orthodox Churchs throughout the world to whom we share so much. Posted by Hello
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