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TMJ causes madness!!

Thursday, November 11, 2004
My TMJ pain has gone from bad to worse to incredible! I have tried bite blocks at night but ended up chewing them into pieces while asleep. Now, a VA dentist is doing some dental work but does not want to address the TMJ pain for a while. Mean while I am about to go mad with the pain!! My jaw has popped in and out of joint so many times a day now that I wonder if it can be fixed. The possibility of a surgical fix for this is open to me--actually I would be willing to try about anything at this point. The pain started back in January and has become worse and worse. I searched Qwest Dex online and found a couple TMJ specailists in the Cities now I need to call them tomorrow and see if the accept Medicare. I hate going outside the VA system for treatment but I am really hurting severely at this point. If there is a good specailist out there that is close to me please contact me. If there is someone you know that has a good TMJ doctor in the Cities please let me know--I am really suffering here. Yes--Tmj pain can lead to madness and I don't want to go crazy!!
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