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Wanted: Faithful Catholic Blogger/ Blogmaster to help change the look and feel of my blog!!

Monday, November 22, 2004
I have decided to change the look and feel of Working Papers. Maybe some permement images or something new. As regular readers of Working Papers may know my html and java abilities leave much to be desired. I am not looking to change the message or nature of my blog just reboot the template. So, if there are any bloggers out there that are faithful Catholics and have hidden abilities would you please contact me. I of course can not conpensate anyone with cash and prizes but I would be happy to let the person have all the template credit and a permalink to their site (presuming it is faithful to the teachings of the Church and JPII). I would reallly like to make the look and feel of this blog something that reflects it content and make it more user friendly ect ect ect... SO, Catholic bloggers this is your chance to show off your stuff and do a novice a favor. Please contact me if interested at my email address and referance your Catholic blog so that I can look at it. I might even want to develop a listing of Catholic bloggers that I could link to--kind of our own niche with in a niche. Thanks in advance for the help!!
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