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Praying for bells and personal reflection

Sunday, December 19, 2004
I remember when I was living in Oklahoma the Methodist Church that I belonged to (I am a convert to the Catholic Church) had bells that rang several times a day. I know that they still have a electronic bell system that rings several times a day still. I have since lived in several communities since coming into the Church and I always loved the sound of bells ringing throughout the day. So, to make a long story short and sweet I am going to speak with my parish priest about raising money for a digital bell clarion system for my parish. I think it would add so much to the community that I live in to have bells ring out the Angelus and other prayers throughout the course of the day. I think it would also be a constant witness of the love of Christ and of my parish. From what I understand the systems are rather expensive and of course there would have to be some structural work that would have to complement the architecture of the parish. If I had the money I would just donate the needed money to do this but I do not so I will have to find a way of earning the needed monies by way of projects and donations. I have no idea if the parish council will even go for it but I think that it is a worthwhile endeavor for me to try to undertake for the new year. I love the community I live in and my parish and hopefully I can pay back to the community and my parish in a small way the love and kindness that has been given to me since I moved here. I know that in other cities and towns that have bells that regularly ring that the people of the community end up loving the "joyfully noise" so it is my hope and prayer that this will also be a source of blessing to many generations. I will have to pray for answers and solutions and most of all that God's will shall be done what ever the outcome.
On a different note, I have almost completed my first week taking the new anti seizure medication. I am really glad I went to confession and Mass last night because today was a very difficult day because of the side affects while my body gets use to the medication. I prayed my office and rosary today but I must confess that it was really difficult because of dizziness and pain. I tried to keep on praying to offer my little sufferings up for souls especially those in my life. The pain is better now though, thanks be to God, and I am looking forward to my scheduled adoration time at 3am. I think I will go in early so as to thank God for helping me make it through this day. Tomorrow, I go in for a MRI and then on Tuesday I have my 6 month EEG. Hopefully it will all be good news. I am so very lucky because so many people do not have health care and I do (through the VA) and because God has allowed me to come closer to Him in my little sufferings. I think I need to not focus on lack of money or my little health problems but on the many blessings that I do have. The rest of it I will offer to Him whom I love and serve (Our Lord Jesus). I hope and pray you all have a wonderful evening tonight and a happy day tomorrow with Our Lord.
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