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Rocks in my pockets

Friday, December 17, 2004
I got the idea from two people who have little in common and adapted it for myself. I carry 13 small stones in my pocket everywhere I go. St. Therese had a small strand of beads that during the course of the day as she made some small sacrafice for Christ she would slide a bead over. Ben Franklin carried some small pebbles in his front pocket and during the course of the day as he conquered a vice he would quietly move the pebble to his back pocket. I looked for beads like St. Therese but most of them were plastic and rather girly for me so I chose the pebbles. During the course of my day if I make a small sacrifice for the sake of souls I will quietly move a pebble from my front pocket to my back pocket. Also at the end of the day I place my pebbles in front of the Sacred Heart statue that is in my bedroom. The pebbles take on an additional significance then because I imagine them as my troubles and worries that I give over to my Lord so that I can rest through the night. "Here Lord take all my joys, works, sorrows and sufferings of this past day and unite them with Your Sufferings and Joys for the sake of all souls especially those whom I pray for. Please take my burdens while I sleep so that I can rest well to serve You anouther day". It may be silly but the little pebbles are a constant reminder to me as they bang around in my pocket about what I can still yet do for Him whom I love and serve.
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