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Bald tires and snowstorms do not mix well!!

Friday, January 21, 2005
On 6 different intersections this eve I learned that with out treads and a good car that I just get stuck and my wheels spin. Through God's grace I made it where I needed to go and back home again. Praise and Thanks be to God and Our Lady for pulling me through in spite of myself again! I was thinking after I got home and offered my Evening Prayer that just like my old car if I don't have grace through the Holy Sacraments then my life just spins like those old tires and does not move. Through the Sacraments I recieve the grace and mercy and love I need to go forward in spite of myself. We (I) will always have our (my) snowstorms in life but "through HIM with HIM and in HIM in the unity of the Holy Spirit" we go on and offer to the Father all glory and honor and we (I) make it home saftely; just like my old car and I did tonight.
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