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Broken Rosary, Broken dreams, Broken body and Hope!!

Sunday, January 16, 2005
For a several years now I have carried a rosary in my pocket in a little leather pouch. Sometimes, I would be fervent in my prayers and in my rosary. Other times, for several weeks at a time, I would not pray as fervently and the rosary just remained in my pocket. I carried it everywhere but I did not pray and meditate on the rosary. Days would go by, weeks would go by and there in my pocket in the little black leather pouch my rosary remained. Then because of circumstances or inspiration or grace I would pull it out so I could pray. Many times, even though the rosary was protected in the pouch one of the links would become separated and broken. So, I would pull out some old wire and do a haphazard repair on my rosary and then I would pray. I have noticed that the only time that this old rosary of mine ever breaks is when I don’t pull it out and use it and pray. It has caused me to think that that is like my life, my health and my soul. I am only truly broken, my dreams are only broken and bashed, when I do not pray and have hope. As the Sacred Scripture says “my hope is in Thee, Oh My God”. Regardless of my little sufferings, regardless of my health, whether I am depressed or lonely or not and regardless of my sin and shortcomings if I offer my prayers to Him then I just like my little wooden rosary am not broken. If I offer to the Father my prayers, my works, my joys, my sufferings, my loneliness, my problems, my family, my friends, those who wish me ill or harm and everything in my life then through the Mercy and Love of God- I am not broken. Regardless of circumstances- if I give my all and all those in my life to Him then I am not broken. I have HOPE. “My Hope is in Thee, Oh Lord My God, in whom I put my trust.”
Omnia Pro Jesu Per Mariam!!

Please keep us in your prayers and know that you are in my prayers...pray and have hope! If you click the READ MORE link on this post you can view a poem I wrote quite a few months back which carries a similar idea. It needs to be noted that when I wrote this poem I was in the midst of a pretty serious depression episode so it is kind of dark but at the same time it has hope. I hope you like it and it helps you.

“Step Lightly”

Step lightly as you walk across my mind,
My thoughts lie in pieces
Across the fragile synapse of
A fractured mental landscape.

Step lightly as you trod across my heart,
Thousands of broken promises
Scattered in a wasteland of dreams.
Memories of love lost have formed craters
That are abysmally potted throughout
A battleground that once was a sacred place.

Step lightly as you promenade across my body,
Scars cross my carcass
In a perverted roadmap of pain.
Suffering has been the rule rather
Than the exception.

Step lightly as you stroll across my soul
For it no longer belongs to me anymore.
I gave it to another and now it is His.
Because the body will fail,
The mind will die,
The heart will cease to beat for good or bad,
But, alas my soul shall go on
And it will rejoice!!
In the loving hand’s of my Master.

(Aug. 28, 2004)
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