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A few Spyware/ Adware/ Malware removal suggested links

Friday, January 14, 2005
As many of you have more than likely already found out like I have, the hard way, SPYWARE-ADWARE-MALWARE and the like are huge problems. Even if you just use the internet a little bit your computer is more than likely infected and you may not be aware of it. As a aid to everyone I have provided a few links to sites that have free removal software. I would also suggest that you search your hard drive for a file called "HOSTS" if you find it there then I would suggest that you remove it. I am in no way a computer expert and this should not be considered professional advise. However, when I was having numerous problems with this stuff I was told by the help desk at microsoft to try out these programs. They suggested their own Beta program and lava soft and spybot. Also, when I had problems with my registery I was told by a senior webmaster to try to remove the files that were called "HOSTS". Once I ran the various programs and kept up the updates and reconfigured my firewall then many of the problems went away. But I keep on scanning and updating to make sure that there are not future problems. I will add the links to the various programs in my list of favorite links for future referance. Good luck to you all! May Christ bless you all and may Mary keep you beneath her protective mantle of love and grace.
Omnia Pro Jesu per Mariam!

Lava Soft Adware personal edition link
Spy Bot link
Microsoft Beta edition spyware removal download link
Link to Download.com which has additional software downloads for spyware and virus protection and firewalls
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