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Good Job Bill Donohue!!

Sunday, January 16, 2005
It is about time that Catholic Christians stood up and said in loud clear voice ENOUGH!! Catholic bashing and even Christ bashing has become a favorite pastime in America. The media and the culture today takes great delight in promoting this idea that we all must get along and accept everyone...HOWEVER, just mention Christ or the Church and suddenly we have to shut up. I hear from others that we all have the right to choose and make our own decisions concerning our lives, values and faith...I agree with that 100% but that also means that I (we) have the right to proclaim Christ and live out my (our) faith too. Anyway, that is enough rambling for now, but thanks again Dr. Donohue for all your hard work! You can see Dr. Donohue on EWTN's show the World Over and on EWTN NEWS. Religous tolerance goes both ways! May Christ bless you and may Mary keep you always!
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