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I want to be a PIPE when I grow up!!!

Monday, January 17, 2005
The thought came to me today while at the Adoration Chapel at my Parish that what I desire what I want is to be a pipe or pipeline for God. No corrosion or anything that would hold anything back from Him or to Him. No glory for me just a simple pipe. I want to be a pipe that through my little sufferings or big joys, through my example, through my actions, through my words, through my life, through this website, through my mortifications and through my prayers that God's Mercy and Love and Joy may be brought to others and others to Him. That nothing be held back for Him and that many may find Him. We all touch people in our lives in many ways, from the people we meet at the store to the people we work with to the people we love. Maybe, just being nice to someone will help them have a better day that leads them to prayer. Maybe, just praying for all the people that I meet through the course of the day- whether I (we) talk about God or just the weather or work we (I) all meet people. I offer to You, my Lord and God, all those that I meet today and in the future that You may touch the lives, that You may bless them with health and happiness and most of all with Your Love and Grace. That You may make them and make us all great holy saints. Especially, Father, I give you those in my life that are having troubles of any kind and for those that may wish me ill. I give to You, My Savior and My God, all those who may have harmed me in anyway and those that I may have thought harmed me or those that I love; bless them with happiness, health, joy, peace and most of all lead them to You. May You bless them all and lead them all to You. Father of Love and Mercy I give to you all those in my parish home and those especially with no Church home. I give you my family, friends and all those in my life. I give you all those that will die today and this year throughout the world may through Your Mercy and Love they come to belive in You and hold them close to You at the hour of their deaths. I give you those who do not love You and those who do love You so much. Lord make me a pipeline of Your Love and Grace that through everything that I do especially by my prayers that many people may come to Your Love and Truth. I ask for nothing for my self except that I may be Your Humble Slave of Love and a instrument of Your Grace and Love and Truth and Peace. Make me Lord Your pipeline. It is in you that I place my trust and I give you all the Honor and Glory. I give You this as my offering of love and praise.
May Christ richly bless you all and those in your life and may Mary, the ever Virgin Mother of God and source of All Graces, keep you all beneath her protective mantle of love and grace!
Omnia Pro Jesu Per Mariam!!
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