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Interesting website traffic information from ALEXA

Sunday, January 16, 2005
I went on the Alexa website and did a traffic report on this little blog and it was interesting. Apparently, my traffic has gone up quite a bit over the past few weeks. I do need to check my html stuff though because it is loading slowly- part of that is because of add ons that I have and additional links that I have. Anouther reason could be I am learning java and html as I go and so I know I have made mistakes in my template ect. Anouther reason could just be a blogger issue. So, I learn and I try to make it easier. I started this whole thing as more of a fun thing to do and it was a curiosity thing. However, as the months have gone by since my first posting it has become more of a story of the development of my prayerlife and also a apostolate for me. I have not posted political postings in a while and that is partially because I just got sick of the thing. Anouther thing is that my thoughts seem to be more focused on Christ and the Church. I do know though that I want to have some more pro life postings, socail justice postings and environmental postings at various times. Alas though my heart and my mind keep coming back to the idea that even if just one person reads my little blog and then goes to anouther site such as EWTN or the Vatican or Mass Times then maybe someone who may not have been reached before may reach out to God and to the Sacraments of the Church. I think also I want to post some on my conversion and how it took place and why and the fact that for me it was a long process not just a quick say a prayer and your a convert thing. I have turned from God many times but He calls me back again and again. Also I would like to talk more about the whole single dad thing which is a whole new ball of wax! Finally I want to give people HOPE--people who may think that because they are divorced parents that they some how are not able to obtain a degree of holiness or vets who are cast aside or people with disabilities. I want to reach out also to regualr folks everywhere and show not only the damage that abuse or injury (I have had both several times) but more so that there is life beyond hurt and pain. Here is something also I want to show that a person with the hard times or obsticals like I have can be happy even with just a little bit because of the love and mercy of Christ. Yeah, that's it I want more than anything to lead people to Christ and give them HOPE! Why do I have hope in the midst of hardships or pain because I serve and love HIM who is Hope..because HE gives me HOPE and lasting JOY--not the temporary stuff of this world but lasting Joy! Hope and Joy that is my keywords for the day. May you all be granted true hope and joy that only comes from Christ Our Lord!
Omnia Pro Jesu Per Mariam!
You can see The Source of my Hope and Joy by clicking here...Visit the Blessed Sacrament online
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