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A daily act of Spiritual Communion and Adoration Prayer

Tuesday, March 15, 2005
Here is a prayer that I composed recently after Holy Mass and Adoration.
Omnia Pro Jesu Per Mariam!!

A daily act of Spiritual Communion and Adoration Prayer:
++My Jesus, I believe that Thou are truly present in the Blessed
Sacrament. I love Thee above all things and I desire Thee in my
soul. Since I cannot now receive Thee Sacramentally, come at least
spiritually into my heart. Fill every fiber of my being with Your Love, Your Grace and Your Mercy.
++ I embrace Thee as being already there and unite myself wholly to Thee. Never permit me to be separated from Thee. Inspire within me a fervency of all Your Holy Saints and Holy Martyrs and Your Blessed Mother, Mary. Unite my prayers, works, joys and sufferings with Your Sacred Heart through the Immaculate Heart of Your Mother.
++ Create in me, Dear Sweet Gentle Jesus, a new heart and a mind free of distraction and any inclination to sin and evil.
++Shelter me, Sweet Savior, and guide me in all my ways whether I am awake or asleep may my soul always rest in You. To You my Gracious God I commend my spirit.
++ Send your Holy Angles to guide me always and may many dear souls be led to You through my actions and prayers. Close doors in my life and those in my life that lead away from You, my Gentle Sweet Jesus. Dwell in me and work through me and keep me always. May I lead no one astray by my actions or words or lack of actions or words. Come to me Sweet Jesus and make my heart, my soul, my mind and my body a sacred tabernacle that always pleases the Father.
++Bless, protect and defend my family, my associates, my priests, my parish, my bishop and the Holy Father. I place them all within Your Sacred Heart and the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Lead them all to You and guide them throughout their lives- make them Holy as You are Holy.
++I commend to You all children that You may take them into Your Sacred Heart and the Immaculate Heart of Mary and protect them and guide them in all there ways. Whether, awake or asleep, at school or at home, at rest or at play hold them close to You, shelter them and come to their aid. Guide their hearts and minds and of those who are near them. Guide and shelter their parents, friends, teachers and all those they meet. May Your Love and Truth reign supreme in their minds, hearts and lives. Protect them from all harm and all evil. Protect their souls from anything or anyone that might harm them in anyway. Pour out Your Precious Blood upon them and all those in their lives; break any bonds that hold them back from You. Send Your Holy Angels to watch over them at all times. I beg that all the Saints in heaven will pray for them, especially- the Blessed Virgin Mother Mary, St. Joseph, St. Michael, St. Maria Goretti, St. Gemma, St. Gianna Molla, St. Pio, St. Ignatius, St. Peter, St. Paul, St. Patrick, St. Elizabeth Seton, St. Ann, St. Jude, St. Rita, St. Therese, St. Catherine and all the Holy Martyrs, Apostles, Saints and Angels. I furthermore beg their intercession for myself and all those in my life- past, present and future.
++I further commend to You, Dear Merciful God those who are furthest from You. Lead them to You and speak to their souls, their hearts and their minds. Have Mercy on them all! I commend to You those who are lost in the cares of the world and those who are searching for Truth from false gods and the culture. Guide their hearts and minds and lead their souls to You. Lead them out of darkness into Light and have Mercy on them and those in their lives.
++Send Your Holy Spirit and flood me with Thy many graces that Your Will may be done in my life and through my actions and prayers always. Help me stay pure, help me stay always focused upon You. May Your Gentle Spirit guide all my actions and prayers that a great bounty of souls may be won for You.
++Place me within Your Divine Furnace of Charity and Mercy and melt away all that is displeasing to You. Let my life and my soul burn with the fire of Thy Love.
++ I beg this all through the intercession of all the Holy Angles and Saints and always through the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Your Blessed Mother. Consecrate my every day, my every hour, and all those I meet and all those in my life to You, Dear Jesus, always through the Heart of Your Mother Mary. Never let me be apart from You. Do Your Holy Will in me and through me and I offer my self as a victim of Your Love for the sake of all souls. Dispose of me as You Will not for any glory or honor for me but always for You, My loving Master and friend. I beg this prayer before the Father and the Holy Spirit to You, Dear Jesus, and in Your Holy Name with the intercession of all the Holy Angels and Saints in union with all the Rosaries and prayers said and the Holy Sacrafice of the Mass said throughout the world today and through all time.
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