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The Divine Furnace and late night reflections

Saturday, March 05, 2005
Well here we are late at night (0130) again and I can not sleep (that is pretty much standard for me- unfortunatly).
I was lying in bed and thinking of what my life would be like with out Christ. I am not even thinking of the great graces that God has given me or the people He has allowed me to share my life with (and they with me). I was not even thinking of the gifts of health when I have been very sick or anything else. The fact is that there is no way I could have made it through my past several years nor my life in general with out His Love. Health comes and goes as do people and things but His Love has never and will never leave. It is hard to put into words but I would rather go through a lifetime of suffering as bad as anything I have experianced or worse with Him than to go through a fraction of a mili-second with out Him. One of the suggestions that was given to us while I was on retreat was to ask God for the grace of seeing our own individual salvation history (journey). Since the weeks after retreat I have had little insights into just how God has continually and lovingly put events and people in my life that have drawn me closer to Him and His Love. It is a remarkable insight to gain and I would suggest that everyone while in prayer ask God in His due time to reveil their own individual salvation history to you. All the answers or insight may not come all in one moment or even over the course of several days but God will show you His Hand at work throughout your life through events and people that have been a part of your journey.
I also thought about a letter that I have recently recieved that referred to the Divine Furnace of Love. I too beg Our Gracious and Loving and Merciful God to place me in His Divine Furnace of Love and purify me for His Sake and so that others may be brought to know and love Him. St. Therese has several quotations regarding this Divine Furnace and I have included them below for she speaks so much better than I and she has fully 'run the race' and fully 'met the mark' that we all need to set our sights on- Jesus.
Omnia Pro Jesu Per Mariam!!
"Heaven for me is hidden in a little Host Where Jesus, my Spouse, is veiled for love. I go to that Divine Furnace to draw out life, And there my Sweet Saviour listens to me night and day."- "Heaven For Me", St. Therese of Lisieux
"I understood so well that it is only love which makes us acceptable to God that this love is the only good I ambition. Jesus deigned to show me the road that leads to this Divine Furnace, and this road is the surrender of the little child who sleeps without fear in its Father's arms."
St. Therese of Lisieux

"I feel that the more the fire of love burns within my heart, the more I will say: Draw me, the more also the souls who will approach me (poor little piece of iron, useless if I withdraw from the divine furnace) the more these souls will run swiftly in the odor of the ointments of the Beloved, for a soul that is burning with love cannot remain inactive." St. Therese of Lisieux (Story of a Soul, 257-8)
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