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Divine Justice +Holy Week Meditation (part ten)

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

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I do not see any way that this world can be spared God's Justice if things do not change very rapidly very very quickly! Yes, I belive with all my heart that Our God is a Merciful and Loving God- he is also a God of Justice too. God has given us His Grace and Mercy again and again however we just keep going back to the culture of evil and death. I pray that people change rapidly and that many souls may be won for God because I feel that a day of Attonment is coming upon us fast with the scourge of Abortion and the murder of the innocent like Terri Schiavo. So many little ones are hurt and killed by sick people like we have seen recently on the news. We are told that we are given the choice between Life and Death- Good and Evil and I think that the current culture is making their choice. Just as Lot saw the destruction of the ancient cities we too may see some big problems if we all (myself included) start choosing God rather than fall into the snares and traps of the Evil One. We have a chance, a very special grace that is being given to us all this Holy Week to make ammends and reconcile ourselves with God and with each other. It is not too late, yet, but we have to let go of the notion that we can wait till we are older to make a last minute conversion. We may not have that time then... we do now. When will we all stop running from Truth and Light and keep playing with the fire and darkness? When will we stop and examine our lives and make that big choice? Now is the acceptable hour of salvation! The Evil One wants us to put off prayer, put off going to Church, put off Confession...put off God- then he has us, it is too late and we then spend time and eternity with him and not with God. Like the old car mechanic said you can pay me now or pay me later. I, for one, am more concerned about the infinite nature of later than the finite price of the now.

Sacred Scripture Reflection: Ps. 16, Ps. 22, Ps. 50, Ps. 51, Is. 2: 2-22, Is. 10: 1-4, Mk. 13: 32-37, 1 Cor. 1: 18-30, 1 Thes. 5: 9-11, 1 Pet. 3: 13-22, 1 Pet. 4: 12-19, Rev. 6: 5-17, John 3: 16-21, John 10: 9- 18
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