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Tuesday, March 22, 2005
I have posted the XML Feed below for those who want to stay up with changes and new postings to my blog. I thought that this was a RSS feed initially but I guess I was wrong- all this new terminology confuses me easily -sorry. I do ping PINGOMATIC.com and PINGMYBLOG.com after each posting is published and then I think it takes them a few minutes to reindex the blog. I have also added to the template a resource so that you can be updated via email with new postings (I do not see the addresses they go directly to Bloglet and I understand that they do not sell addresses or spam (If they do let me know and I will delete this feature). I will continue with the Holy Week meditations through Holy Saturday and then early in the morning on Easter Sunday I will post the Easter Sunday readings and a few meditations. Also, on Holy Thursday eve I will post (after I attend Mass and go to Adoration) the posting for the Novena of the Divine Mercy with suggested links so that you can begin with me the Novena which begins on Good Friday. I try to write and put together most of these posting ahead of time and then save them as a draft so at a set time I can post these then I can devout more time to personal matters, family and most importantly time for prayer. Of course, as developments into the Terri Schiabo tragedy surface more I will post additional items or if there is a big news event I will post as needed then. This alas is just a little blog and is just a portal for me to refer others to sound sites and raise awareness of key items of importance to me and misc. matters. I hope that this blog will redirect the hearts and minds and internet browers to things, people and sites that further enlightens the heart and mind and that it carries out the teachings of the Holy Father on apostolic activities in the new millenium. What I have to say is of little importance in light of what Christ Our Lord teaches and so all things I do must, at best, only try to act as a conduit of His Love and Mercy and Grace to the world. I would more than likely never speak to the numbers of people over the course of years that in a few weeks or months that I can reach via this blog and so this is my little way of attempting to carry out the Great Commission of Our Lord. I hope and pray that you all have a very Blessed Holy Week and a Glorious Easter with the Risen Savior!
Omnia Pro Jesu Per Mariam!!
Explaination to new readers: The +JMJPT+ at the top of most all my postings is a little prayer that my friends the nuns taught me. Jesus-Mary-Joseph and the PT is for my special patrons Patrick and Therese of Lisieux that all I do whether blogging or writing a card or letter may be always directed to God constantly in my life and those that read my words. The words in latin at the end of each posting is also a prayer "Omnia Pro Jesu Per Mariam" which is "All for Jesus through Mary" and this is the way I hope to live always and how I wish to blog (even the occasional rant or joke). All things, all people, all joy, all sorrow and all prayers To Jesus through the Immaculate Heart of His Mother.
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