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Martyrdom in Florida during Holy Week

Friday, March 18, 2005
With th Terri Schiabo case less that 11 hours away. We will pray and pray hour after holy hour to try to stop this innocent women from being murdered at 1pm CST. Prepuming the feeding tube and all hydration is pulled from her as ordered I have decided to enter into a fast (1 small meall a day- where as she gets nothing at all) for Terri, her family, all importamt parties and her 'husband'. May God's Mercy and Love shine forth through the blackness of evil and death. I am also asking all abled body men and women, all off good health, to join me as fast (offer up to God two big meals) until this horrible situation is resolved properly. Pray more. Visit the Blessed Sacrament near you and pray for Terri Schiabo and that we may not only respect life but love it in all it's forms.
Mary Mother of All Grace I entrust this to you to give to your Son Jesus.
Maybe it is time to call for a counter culture revolution of life and truth versus the current culture of death and evil.
Omnia Pro Jesu Per Mariam!!
Set your watches, 1300 EST, 1200 CDT, 1100 MST, 1000 PST
As the Martyr's blood is spilled for sin and death. Pray for a stpo in the timeline that she may live!!
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