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Weakness and vulnerablity offers promise and hope

Tuesday, March 29, 2005
When I offered up my Holy Hour before Our Eucharistic Lord and Savior this morning I must confess that I was really having a difficult time because I was so tired and sleepy. Because of anti seizure meds and other meds some mornings are "good" mornings and others - well let's just say that I struggle through those days. I told Our Lord while I was kneeling there that I was really having a hard time concentrating and praying to Him right then. Well, I still remained tired and sleepy but towards the end of the Holy Hour the words came to me that 'in my weakness You are strongest Oh Lord'. I don't think anyone likes being vulnerable or weak but it is in those periods when I look past my self because of my weakness God can work His greatest works. In the cross we find the resurection...in my little faults and failings and little sufferings my soul is lifted up- if I trust in Him. Tomorrow, we begin a new day's meditation and prayers in the Divine Mercy Novena and I will post those prayers tomorrow you can also use one of the links I have posted in previous postings on the Divine Mercy to assist you.
Omnia Pro Jesu Per Mariam!!
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