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Friday, April 22, 2005

+Mary Mother of God Pray for us and Lead us all to Your Son +Our Lord Jesus Christ!! Posted by Hello
I was surfing around and looking at other blogs and I was humbled by the technical ability of some and felt a kinship with those who were just starting out. I know that I mentioned this before but this blog really just started out as a curiosity thing it was over time that I realized that I could use this as a place where people could see God's work in my soul as I form ideas in the midst of trials and joys. Also, like many it is a sounding board for me to voice my opinion on various things. We live in a wonderful time when our thoughts and words can be written and communicated with the masses of people everywhere. As a Catholic Christian this takes on a specail dimension and resposibility. My little voice, or blog in this case, is really not important in the grand scheme of things what matters rather is our souls. I do not want this to be a self important type thing (a me-ism) but rather a portal for others who may happen across this site to go to more important sites so that real work can begin with in their (your) own soul. From time to time I may post things of a non religious nature- we are after all human. Some fun or distration at times is healthy and good and it also shows that I have more than one side. I think too often many non-Christian's see us as only talking about religion. While we should be excited about God we also (I also) need to show to the world that we also live in the world, care about regular things, watch sports, go to shows, go out on dates ect..the difference is we do so with Christ. We have to be 'little Christ's' in the secular world and in the Parish and home. God will meet us where we are and so as we go out into the world at large we need to take HIM to those around us where they are- unless that involves us or leading others falling into sin (which is obvious). We can not transform the world for Love and for Christ Our Lord if our heads are in the clouds and we do not let anyone close. There is a lot of trash on the internet and everywhere else- I call on faithful Catholic bloggers to put out options for others that they may draw close and also drink from the stream. I would rather put out my joys and sorrows and frustrations for the world to see so that others may see the Hand of God at work and be drawn closer to HIM than to only put out things that have a blog that is all cake and not any meat and potatos living. So be paitent with me as I grow to blog better and know that I am also trying to serve HIM better through my blog and daily life.
Omnia Pro Iesu Per Mariam!

"It is not the soul that makes the progress, but it is Christ, who carries her as a child is carried."

Bl Mary of Jesus of Toledo, OCD

"Look for Christ Our Lord in everyone and you will then have respect and reverence for all."

St Teresa of Jesus, OCD
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