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The Day of Visitation, The Chastisement, Suffering and Mercy!

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

The Divine Mercy- Our Lord Jesus Christ! Jesus I trust in You! Posted by Hello

Praise be Jesus Christ!! Alleluia!!

There is much talk in the secular media these days of the End of Days. Among much more learned and holy people than I there is talk about various prophesies who know true solid doctrine concerning the day of chastisement, the day of visitation and the end times. While I do believe that we are closer to those times than ever before in the history of humankind and I believe that a chastisement is coming upon the world because of evil I have an idea that I would like to submit to you. We should not look upon suffering (either on a personal nature or a more global nature) as punishment rather as a great indicator of the Mercy of God. I think about my own sufferings and little pains now and in the past and I realize that had it not been for going through that crucible I would more than likely be singing the praises of the world and all its attachments and even the evil one rather than singing the Glory and Mercy of God. We all need wake up calls and alarm clocks to wake us out of sleep and into the wonder of the new day. I could not make it to daily appointments without an alarm clock to get me up (a cup of coffee or too helps also). Our lives become enveloped in darkens and the world also and needs a wake up call or an alarm to wake us all up from sleep. If we have a God, which we do, who is all Knowing and all Merciful- a God who knows us much better than we know ourselves: then would not this God who desires all peoples to come to Him and rejoice with Him forever not want to wake up as many souls as possible out of sleep and into Light, Truth and Love. God does not cause the evils of this world, nor does He cause pain and suffering: we do fine with that task on our own. I would not presume to know the infinite wisdom and love of God and I do not receive any inner locutions or visions: I know myself though (somewhat) and I know that through my own dark nights (physically, emotionally and spiritually) that if I turn to Him and Trust in Him that His Mercy will guide my heart and mind closer to Him. To travel through a dark night is a very unpleasant thing but through these darker days we (I) have to turn to Him and say “Jesus I trust in YOU!”

I pose this question for you to consider: in the case of a person who chooses to continue to drive drunk after repeated warnings and tickets would it not be merciful to that person and the people on the road in peril because of that person's choice to drink and drive anyway to take their licence and even their car to prevent them from putting themselves in peril and also those who are innocently riding in other cars? I lost someone dear to me years ago due to the actions of a drunk driver and personally I wish someone had stopped them rather than enduring the loss of my friend. I think sometimes we have to have a wake up call that is sometimes not to pleasant out of Mercy. God who is Infinitly Merciful only desires good for all His children so out of Mercy things are allowed to happen so more souls are not lost due to our choices. We still have free will to choose or not choose to accept that Mercy and Love just as the drunk driver has the choice as whether to get into a car again after repeated being told not to. The choices we make matter- for life, for death and for eternity. Let us choose God's Mercy and Love and not death and evil. Let us choose Christ!

I doubt that anyone enjoys the loud alarm clock in the early hours of a morning to much but upon awaking and living in the wonder and beauty of the day rather than sleeping through it we (I) can look back and appreciate that loud ringing that brings us out of sleep and into the Light of a new day. Only God knows the appointed hour and time of the Day of Visitation or a Chastisement that is for certain but the warnings of this time are growing more frequent. We are told of the season though and the alarm clock is soon to ring out. We should keep our eyes open but not with fear of what may happen rather with Trust and complete abandonment to Divine Providence and Divine Mercy. I pray not for the alarm but rather than when the alarms come daily that I wake up and begin the day afresh, anew and with love for HIM who gave me another chance to grow closer to His Love and Mercy. Personally, I would rather have an alarm in my own life and the lives of others to wake us all up so that more souls may come to know Him, His Mercy and His Grace. I do not nor should I ever desire to travel through suffering- this world hands out enough of that: however when I (when we all) travel through those dark nights it is then that we must caste ourselves upon His Mercy and Grace it is only then (personally and as a world) that we can enjoy the Glory of the New Day with Love and Rejoicing. Would it not be more Merciful to give us an alarm than to just end everything at let us all hang ourselves in evil and sin. I ask God only that when my little days of suffering personally and on a larger scale come that I not wake up grumpy and cursing the alarm rather than joyfully thanking Him for the chance to greet a new day in Light and Love and Mercy. Whether our alarms are personal or collectively we have only to turn to God’s Mercy and Love and thank Him for the chance to turn to Him in Love. Ten minutes, ten days, ten years, ten thousand years the timing does not matter as long as we trust in Him rather than allowing us to fall from sleep into death. It is only through His Mercy and His Grace that we are given Light and Hope. We have only to say irregardless of the situation (personally or globally) “Jesus I trust in You”!
Let us all pray for each other that we collectively and personally may draw closer to Him through the alarm clocks of life so that we all may Praise Him for all eternity!
What a Gracious, Loving and Merciful God we have!
Jesus I Trust in YOU!
Omnia Pro Iesu Per Mariam!
April 26th in the Year of Great Grace and Mercy 2005

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