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Everything depends on Grace!

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

+St. Therese pray for us and lead us all to +Christ Our Lord through the +Immaculate Heart of Mary!! Posted by Hello

Everything depends on Grace!

Tuesday, April 26th in the Year of Great Grace and Mercy 2005

I tend in my journey towards HIM up this Mountain we call Carmel to go through phases when my soul is richly nurtured and when I draw so much out of prayer then there are times when it is all I can do to struggle through dryness and darkness (I am not referring to the darkness of sin and evil or even psychological depression). I have had times when I can spend hours in prayer and times when my mind and my soul struggles through 10 minutes. There are times when it is all I can do to begin morning or evening prayer and then when I do I receive such consolation. Conversely, there are times when I have plenty of time and energy and want to pray and I can not get into the rhythm. It seems to me that sometimes the more I abandon myself and surrender that the further away He feels which of course is not true. This journey I am on (that we are all on) depends on Grace. I have to surrender more fully, give up my selfish pride; my notions of how I think things should be and allow Him to lead me. I recently went through a mini-dark night of my own: thanks be to God though I was guided through this process by ‘my sisters’ in Carmel who reminded me that I need to persevere in prayer and surrender even more fully to Him. I think reading about the journey and actually struggling through it is a different thing entirely. Placing myself in the Divine Furnace of Charity is easier to do than to stay there and allow my faults, my selfishness, my manifold sins and the like to burn away so that I can more closely imitate Him. I would like to think that this process would be easier in a monastery rather than living out in the Secular world but maybe not. The struggles that one person has and the nature one person has may not be the same struggles that someone else has. God does not want us to become holy only in a certain states of life but regardless of our particular state in life He wants holiness of us all. God meets us not just on the mountain top, the monastery, the cloister, the parish but in the regular life we are in. I think that one can not be transformed unless we are willing to seek His Face in the lives we are in. So, in effect, transformation begins at home regardless of where home is. If I am not willing to surrender and allow His Grace to work in me where I am at how could I make that surrender anywhere else? Everything depends on Grace! Little fiats lead to bigger ones. I could not make the gift of my life to Him or for neighbor if I can not make the little gifts to Him in the present. I think- He wants us to love Him not for any special gifts but simply because He is Love itself. If I only depend on consolation in prayers then would it not be more of a consumer type relationship with Christ rather than a song of Love. If I just depend on special consolation or gifts would I not be like a spoiled child who gets everything they want any time they want. That is not love that is just selfish ‘me-ism’ and consumerism. To make it to the next level of prayer and conversion all depends on Grace. Just as my initial conversion and re-conversion to Christ and His Bride depended upon God’s Grace to enlighten my heart and mind so does this ascent up the mountain of Love and Sacrifice. Like the baby with the mother who depends on her for every ounce of nourishment so too I have to become with God. His Love and Grace and Mercy has carried me this far and if (I pray) I remain steadfast and faithful to Him then His Mercy, Love and Grace will bring me closer home to Him. My dear Saint Therese said Everything Is a GRACE and I agree and I would add that Everything Depends on Grace! We don’t (I don’t) merit any of it for that it why it is called Grace. Everything depends on HIS GRACE, HIS LOVE and HIS MERCY (in this life and the next)!
Omnia Pro Iesu Per Mariam!

"Everything is a grace...Everything is the direct effect of our Father's love, difficulties, contradictions, humiliations, all the soul's miseries, her burdens, her needs, Everything, because through them she learns humility, realizes her weakness. Everything is a grace, because Everything is God's gift. Whatever be the character of life or its unexpexpted events- to the heart that loves, all is well" Saint Therese of Lisieux, OCD

"Work as if everything depends upon you and pray as if everything
depends on God" Saint Ignatius of Loyola
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