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Feast of +St. Conrad of Parzham April 21st 2005

Thursday, April 21, 2005

+Saint Conrad pray for us and lead us to +Christ Our Lord through the +Immaculate Heart of Mary!! Posted by Hello
Today is the Feast Day of so many great Saints (actually everyday is) today was difficult to choose that is until I read further about Saint Conrad. I have included in the text of this posting a link to the Capuchin Friars site which has a extensive biography of him and encourage you all to look at it. He was quite a remarkable Saint and very inspirational to me. God takes the most unlikely people and does remarkable things through them so that others can be led to follow HIM. We have only to turn to HIM and surrender (which is not also easy at times). Take a few moments and read about Saint Conrad and then spend some time in prayer and ask him to lead you to Christ in your daily walk.
+Saint Conrad inspire us with your humility and zeal and prayer life and lead us all to +Christ Our Lord through the +Immaculate Heart of Mary the Mother of God. Amen.
Omnia Per Iesu Per Mariam!!

Feast of St. Conrad of Parzham April 21st 2005
Franciscan mystic and lay brother. Born Carl Birndorfer in Parzham, Bavaria, Germany, on December 22, 1818, he became a Capuchin lay brother in 1849. For more than thirty years, Conrad served as porter or doorkeeper of the shrine of Our Lady of Altotting, and he was known for his Marian devotions. Conrad had the gift of prophecy and of reading people’s hearts. He died in Altotting on April 21. He was canonized in 1934.
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