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Giving all for our enemies and for HIM!

Monday, April 25, 2005

+Most Sacred Heart of Jesus I place all my trust in You! Posted by Hello
Praise be Jesus Christ!!
So many of us (myself included) aspire to live totally for Christ Our Lord and to become, in Mother Angelica’s words, great saints and I pray that I may constantly give all for the Love of Christ. I was thinking (meditating if you will) this evening after praying the Divine Office about what giving all for Christ entails. You can ask most parents, myself included, and we would not hesitate to lay down our lives for our children. Many people, even those who are not Christian or Jewish, even those who have no faith at all, would give their lives if the right situation arose for a friend or family member. Military women and men give their lives for country and unknown people, firefighters, police officers and so many noble professions give life and limb for the protection of others. I think what Christ’s Love and Mercy calls us to do is to offer our entire selves for Him and all of humanity even those we dislike the most. A easy way of self examination of this radical love is to think of the people we all have in our lives who have been the most hateful, the meanest, the nastiest, the most evil at times to us and others and then try to imagine giving your life for them out of love for Christ. HE did that for us. HE did that for the crowd that spat on Him, the soldiers that mocked and scourged Him, for the people that killed Him (which was in fact each of us not a particular group of people). It is easy to imagine ourselves as John the faithful disciple or as the women along the way of the cross who wept for Him- we have to realize that with every sin (in private and public) that we commit that we are the soldier who tortured Him. Then and only then can we see that radical Love that God has in a perfect way. When we offer our prayers and lives to Him we have to inspire to become like Him and give our all for His Love and for everyone- especially the ones who wish us ill. As our Holy Father has recently stated Love and Truth must go together. We as Christians must proclaim the Truth and speak out and against evil and we must also do so with Love. The only way to balance Truth and Love is to keep our eyes firmly fixed on Christ. If we reject Truth then we reject Love and visa versa. If we reject Truth we reject Christ and if we reject Love we reject Christ. We must stay focused on Him and live radically in both Love and Truth.
Lord God: teach us to follow You and give all to You out of Love- for You are Love, Mercy, the Way, the Truth and the Life. Keep our hearts and minds always focused on Your Truth and Your Love so that we may lead others to You. Amen.
Omnia Pro Iesu Per Mariam!!

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