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Joyful Frustration!

Monday, April 11, 2005
I must confess that at times I get rather frustrated with people and this I know is a fault on my part I have to work out. My frustration is that I have experiance a good share of pain and suffering in the past few years but it was through these little crosses of mine (which felt larger at the time) that I turned to Our Crucified and Risen Redeemer and my spirit flys. Even looking back on this past weekend while I was sick with a fever physically my soul was so happy and joyful. I go out into the world and also see on television so many people with so many reasons to be joyful even in the face of pain and death and unfortunatly so many people don't get it. Maybe I should be more leiniant because I too was like that. Full of myself, full of material goods and lots of friends and still inside my soul was a shriveled up mass. I see people that suffer so needlessly spiritually and in turn emotionally when they only have to turn to the Heart that is full of Love and Grace. It is kind of like seeing a poor animal choosing to lie in the cage and suffering because of that cage when they only have to turn around and walk out of the door opened wide to a great world. So yes, I need to work on my frustration. I guess I just wish I could give to everyone else the joy I hold. I wish everyone who like me had that shriveled hard soul could experiance the soul that flys in the face of pain and sings in the face of death.
Omnia Pro Jesu Per Mariam!!

"It is not so essential to think much as to love much." St Teresa of Jesus, OCD

"Prayer is a cry of gratitude and love, in the midst of trial as well as in joy."
St Therese of the Child Jesus and the Holy Face, OCD
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