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The Myths and Reality of Pope Benedict XVI

Friday, April 22, 2005

His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI, Succesor of St. Peter and Vicar of Jesus Christ! Viva il Papa! Posted by Hello
The following article was published by the Zenit News Agency and a link to their site is provided in the text of this posting. Please pray for His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI and he guides the peoples of the world to Christ Our Lord. Also don't belive everything you hear from the secular press about the Catholic Church they have an agenda many times and despite their claims to be balanced many times they have their own biases and they have to play the ratings game. To truely find out the facts concering Church teaching I would suggest you try EWTN or visit the Vatican website and read from the documents yourself. You have to ask yourself do you base your faith or theology on "Leno" and "Entertainment Tonight" or even the New York Times OR do you base it on the Truth of Jesus Christ and His Bride the Holy Church. Pray for each other and for our world in these uncertain times. Remember to pray for me also please.
Stand up for Christ's Bride the Holy Catholic Church! Stand up for our Christian Faith! Stand up for Truth! Stand up for Christ Our Redeemer and Lord!
Omnia Pro Jesu Per Mariam!!

Vittorio Messori on the Myth and Reality of Joseph Ratzinger
Journalist Knows the New Pope as a Kindhearted Man

ROME, APRIL 20, 2005 (Zenit.org).- Italian journalist Vittorio Messori believes that the image of Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger -- now Pope Benedict XVI -- which presents him as the "Panzer-Kardinal," is false.

Instead, Messori, who co-authored with the cardinal the 1984 "Ratzinger Report," refers to the German prelate as a "humble," "cordial" and "understanding" man.

The journalist describes the new Pope, in an article published today in the Italian daily Corriere della Sera. Messori said he wrote the article just after he realized that he "is co-author of a book with the deceased Pontiff and of another with the one just elected."

In 1994, Messori helped produce "Crossing the Threshold of Hope" with John Paul II.

The journalist met Cardinal Ratzinger for a series of interviews in the summer of 1984 in the Tyrolean Alps.

The Bavarian cardinal, who had been named less than three years earlier as prefect of the Vatican Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, was spending a few days of rest in the seminary of the small town of Bressanone.

Cardinal Ratzinger responded with frankness to the journalist's numerous questions.

"The myth -- and, sadly, the ideological hatred of many, in a certain clerical world -- has made of him a Panzer-Kardinal, an inhuman fanatic of orthodoxy, a true heir of the great Inquisitors," Messori wrote in today's article.

"The real Ratzinger, not the myth, is among the most kindhearted, understanding, cordial, even timid men that I have known," the journalist added.

The cardinal-now-Pope is "an austere man," Messori said. In "midafternoon, the nuns of the Bressanone seminary would bring a tray with hot chocolate and tea and excellent biscuits and cakes baked by them. I, and only I, served myself at will. For His Eminence, only a glass of water to drink in slow sips."

But, the journalist noted, the cardinal's discipline is "an austerity that (as opposed to that of too many fanatics of moralism) he reserved for himself and did not expect from others."

Joseph Ratzinger's profile is also that of a "man, among other things, of subtle humor, quick smile," Messori wrote.

"I remember one afternoon when we were at table, after an award he received, he wanted me to tell him some of the jokes circulating about him in the parishes," the journalist said. "I told him some of them and I realized that he was really amused."
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