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“Song of Love to My Beloved!”

Thursday, March 31, 2005
“Song of Love to My Beloved!”
By: Ed Working
Easter Thursday in the Year of Great Grace and Mercy 2005

As every single drop of the sweetest honey cleaves,
Cleaves lovingly and patiently
To the comb which held it like a mother cradles the sleeping babe in her arms,
Each drop glimmers with the Light of Love,
Each drop holds the fabric of the miracle of
Sweet Love and Grace,
Each drop unique from the next,
Each contains the Goodness and Sweetness of the entire comb;
And each drop holds the promise of the next,
So may every Word,
Every thought,
Every desire that proceeds from Your Loving Lips
Be treated and greeted with
Ecstatic Joy and deep profound Love
To my waiting heart,
My waiting mind,
My yearning soul!
My Beloved and Holy God!

May my mind be ever present at every
Heart beat,
Rejoice and sing to all
The sweetness of Your Loving Voice!
My true Love and my All,
My loving Merciful and Gracious Master of my Life
My God, My Saving Lord
And Sovereign King for all eternity!

For I would rather die a thousand deaths,
Live a thousand years of pain and suffering
For You
And in You
And with You
Rather than to go one heartbeat
One millisecond,
Without You,
My beloved God!
You who are my hope,
My Life,
My Essence,
My Trust,
My Sweetness,
My Joy,
My Beloved and Holy God!

Omnia Pro Jesu Per Mariam!!

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