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Speculation on the next Pope

Monday, April 04, 2005
I have noticed on the secular media outlets that there is lots of speculation about who will be the next Pope. Several media outlets have even stated that there is betting going on even among Catholics about this. Personally, I think it is bad taste to get caught up in the frenzy of speculation. Right now we as Catholics need to pray for the repose of the soul of Pope John Paul II and offer up our prayers that when the time comes in a few days that the Holy Spirit will guide and direct the hearts of the Curia that will be holding conclave. We as Catholic know that it is the Holy Spirit that works in the hearts and minds of the Cardinals as they meet and elect the next Vicar Of Christ. All the opinion polls in the world will not effect the work of the Spirit of God. We are taught that Christ's Church will be protected and that the Seat of Peter will be maintained and protected by God. Rather than trying to out guess the Holy Spirit we should rather thank God for allowing to have John Paul II and offer up our prayers for the Church and the next man who will put on the 'Shoes of the Fisherman'. I suggested last night in a posting and continue to suggest it today that we pray the Novena to the Holy Spirit over the next nine days that God's Spirit will not only enlighten the Curia but also enlighten our lives in a very special way. Thank God in heaven it is not up to the average lay person or average priest or religious to determine the next Successor of St. Peter- rather it is up to God as He works in the hearts and minds of Holy Men of Faith. We can pray and we can celebrate the life of John Paul II but I am glad that God's Divine Providence is in control rather than I. Who ever is going to be our next Vicar of Jesus Christ on earth is determined by God in due time. Let us just be paitent and pray and place our Trust in the Providence and Mercy of God and leave the opinion polls and speculation to the pragmatists and pollsters. God will give us a good Pope but we only have to pray and Trust in Him...not 'them'.
For reliable solid information I would suggest that you all turn on EWTN or go to their website. For the instructions and suggested prayers for the Holy Spirit Novena you can click here. I think that we need to ask ourselves what would His Holiness want us to do- the answer is simple for it is the way he lived his life- look to Jesus and focus on HIM. A very constructive way to spend our time would be to go to a Adoration Chapel and sit with Our Lord and you can click here to find a Adoration Chapel near you. The link in the title will take you to a live online webcast of the Blessed Sacrament Adoration Chapel where you can offer some quick prayers to our Eucharistic Lord and Master which is far more effective than searching the net for the odds on favorite.
Jesus I Trust in YOU!!
Omnia Pro Iesu Per Mariam!!
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