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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

"Jesus I Trust in You!!" Thank you for this great day! Posted by Hello
There are those times in one's life that you will always remember what you were doing when. I remember sitting in class as a freshman in high school when I found out about President Reagan being shot. I remember being in bootcamp in the Marine Corps and the drill instructor telling us about the Challenger disaster. I remember being at home and getting a phone call to turn on the television and finding out about the bombing in Oklahoma City and how worried I was because I had a friend who worked in the building. I remember getting up early on Sept 11th 2001 and rather than turning on the television I prayed Morning Prayer and then getting a call from a person that I was supposed to meet that day. She told me she had family that was flying and they could not get a hold of them- at that time I still had not turned on the television and so I did not know the horror of that day- I just told her I would remember her in my prayers (not really knowing what to say or the magnitude of what had taken place. Then I turned on the television and my heart sank and I wept there in my apartment alone and prayed. I remember getting a phone call from a family member a few days later that said for me to look outside at the sky so we ran outside and saw the trails from the jets that were now flying again. This year has had several of those moments for me. When I found out that John Paul II had died I found out from my 'sisters' in Carmel while I was (with my daughter) donating some food to them (I think it was several pounds of shrimp that day) we (my daughter, the sisters and I) all found out together right at the Great Hour of Mercy. Just as the bells from the Carmel started to ring I noticed the time- just a couple minutes past 3pm here in MN. Then today, I woke up with a fever again, started my coffee pot and began praying the Office. I had this feeling that I needed to pray some more and did not really thinking twice about it. Then I after a cup of joe and more meditation and prayer I turned on the TV and guess what- White Smoke -Habemus Papam! When I learned that our new Holy Father (Pope Benedict XVI) was Cardinal Ratzinger tears ran down my face. This was the same Cardinal who had offered a Mass for my daughter and I and had written me and inspired me with his writings (just as John Paul II writings inspired me). This day even in the midst of a 103 temp and selfishly feeling sorry for myself had been another great day of grace for me and for the world. Thanks be to God!
I get frustrated, as I wrote in a earlier posting, in that there is so much hurt and pain in the world and people (myself included) run around looking for the next quick fix when all we have to do is turn to HIM. There is in this secular world so much 'me-ism' sort of a what have you done for me lately attitude then when things happen like they do in life that are painful or difficult then we blame God. But God is the one who can transform our sorrow into joy- our selfishness and pettiness into selfless love and giving. The pains of this world are created anew into love just as the Passion and Suffering of Our Lord was transformed into Easter Resurrection Joy! I guess I wish I could just pass that Joy on to everyone. Sure, my health is not the best and my finances are a mess from medical bills and to be honest I don't feel so good physically but the shear joy that I have- which comes from Christ and His Bride our Church can not even be described. I think we run around this world sometimes like ants franticly trying to rebuild the ant hill that keeps getting destroyed when all we have to do is stop and look up and see the truth and love and the indestructible home that we have waiting for us. Days like this remind me and all of us that there are bigger things than our own little struggles. Our struggles and sufferings are finite but the Love and Mercy of God are infinite. So tonight as I prepare to end my day I wish upon all of you the peace and Joy I have- which comes from Christ. I however do not wish upon you the little struggles and sufferings I have had- that is my cross and each of you have your own that you must bear with love for HIM and with HIM. Thanks be to God for a great day- a memorable day!
Omnia Pro Jesu Per Mariam!!
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