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9th Inning bases loaded homerun and arguing with the coach

Saturday, May 28, 2005

One of my favorite past times! Posted by Hello
I love a good baseball game. I love most sports but especially baseball. There is something about the cadence of the game in how at a moments notice a average and seemingly boring game suddenly turns with a crack of a bat. There is something pure in baseball in how just the right pitch at the right time can turn a game, a team and the crowd to suddenly turn from despair to joy beyond words. Life is a lot like baseball, I think. We can think that all is lost that our team has no hope and then with one swing the whole game and the whole season is up for grabs. Despair turns to hope and hope gives way to rejoicing. The Red Soxs fans can certainly find truth in that after the joy of the last season and the triumph at the World Series.

I can think of watching a little league game when the bases were loaded and the team at bat was clearly going to win and then the last batter hit a great run but while the players rounded the bases one of them decided to the horror of the rest of the team to stop and look at some blades of grass on her uniform and then proceeded to argue with the coach about why it was not fair that a teammate got to drink the grape gatororade and she got the red. The coach, the players, the family and the crowd is screaming who cares just focus on the game and run to homebase before the rain begins. The little girl though is furious about the fairness of the rules and the judgment of the coach and throws a big fit. She cries, she stomps her feet, she kicks the coach and he keeps saying to her that all she has to do is focus and run in to homeplate and she will have the reward too. Alas, the storm breaks open...The game is now over, yes the team won but the little mad player distracted by her perceived injustice does not get any prize or reward at all. She is just wet and now in trouble. The team all goes out for pizza afterward and where does the angry little girl do...well she is grounded and in trouble. No prize, no reward, no pizza party only punishment for her anger and tantrum.

Distraction in life or in baseball is a normal thing but in both baseball and in life we have to regain our focus on the end result. It is too easy to get caught in the distractions of the modern world with very few good shows on television and few things on the internet to refocus our minds and hearts to the important end result. We can get caught up in all the cares of friends and family even to the point that we forget the important things...Actually the last four things Death, judgment, Heaven and Hell. We want to argue with the coach, we want to argue with players, we want to argue with the crowd or even God but in the end- we are either going to the big banquet and party or we face just punishment for OUR actions. We know that the game is won with us or without us- our choice is whether to run safetly across homebase or remain in our unyielding distraction and get left out in the rain. Christ is calling us home, His Mother is calling us home, the Saints and Angels are calling us home, family and friends who have gone through the bases are calling us home and they are all each willing to show us the way across the last base and onto the banquet so why do we stomp our feet and argue with the coach when all we have to do is focus and run home? It is ok to be distracted, it is ok to fall many times but it is not ok to give up and loose focus and loose The Prize on the otherside of homebase. It is the 9th inning and the storm is coming now is when we have to regain our focus and run home before it is too late to do so.
Omnia Pro Iesu Per Mariam!!

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