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Civil Liberties!

Thursday, May 12, 2005

I really caught some heat since I made the decision to leave the Democratic Party because of it’s constant pro death policy stance. I knew that I would but I had to do something that would clearly send a message to the leaders in the Democratic Party that the cause of the innocent was of real concern if they really wanted to assume power again with Christian’s backing them. I raised the issue that yes it was a choice issue but who decided for the voiceless. I also raised the issue that if they ever really wanted to be a party of true civil liberties that those rights must be given to the most vulnerable. I personally think it is a joke that the same Democrats, and to be fair others too, who boast about civil rights are so quick to deny the rights of the voiceless. I wonder if the same leaders of various parties were in place during the terrible and evil slavery days when African Americans were denied personhood if those same people would also deny the rights of slaves. If we really have a choice then do I not have the right to choose to leave and even work against those who deny the freedom to the Americans and peoples of the world with no voice. I left the Democratic Party not because I am a Catholic but because they have lost my trust in speaking for civil rights for all people. I am not going to be so naïve as to state that the Republicans have all the answers on everything but at least they have some backbone in fighting for the rights of all people. I hope that someday the Democrats will get their act together and again speak for civil rights however until that day comes I am gone to support real civil rights and to work for those who care about the voiceless.
Omnia Pro Iesu Per Mariam!!

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