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"A cold wind in blowing" Warning poem and random thoughts

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Rejoice and be glad!! Posted by Hello
A cold wind is blowing
The night is drawing nigh
Events will happen quickly
Confusion and fear is at hand
Fall not into despair but draw near
The promises will come to fulfillment
Fear not the days and weeks to come
Draw near to God rather than run in fear
The only way to bring about the day of rejoicing is the the crucible of pain
Draw near and prepare for this is the time you have been promised
Repent and Prepare!
The Great Day of Mercy is at hand!
Give thanksgiving and praise to Your Redeemer!
Salvation, Honor, Power, Riches,
Adoration and Praise belong to the Lamb who was slain!
Worthy are You Oh Lord My God to receive the scroll and break open the seals!

Pray and offer Adoration for this is the day that God has made!
Do not be distracted by the quick events to come or by the fast pace
Draw from the fount of Great Mercy and Love and gather all your graces and peace for you will need every ounce of peace and grace in the days and weeks to come.
Rejoice and be glad the days of fulfillment is here!
There can not be Mercy without Justice
Nor Peace without War
Nor Great Happiness without Great Sorrow
It is time for Adoration and songs of Joy for the Great Day of Visitation is here!
Thanks be to God!!
19:30 25MAY2005
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