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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Our Lord Jesus Christ the Great High Priest! Posted by Hello

It is interesting how I can jot down a idea for a post early in the day and as the day progresses and more thought is put into it (when I slow down enough) that I end up on a different topic.
Today was a joyful day with lots of grace but there was a time today that was rather upsetting to me. It came when a person I was talking to started belittling various priests and eventually the Holy Father. This coming from a ‘professed’ Catholic- I tried my best to listen graciously at the same time though I do not want to mince words as to my loyalty to my priests, my Bishop and the Holy Father. I heard a wise old priest say onetime that whether the person is too far to one side or the other if they stray too far they end up outside the Bark of Peter in essence outside of the Church. So, I think, and this is my own opinion that we must support our Priests, our Bishops and our Holy Father and defend them just as we would defend Christ Himself. They offer their lives for Christ and for His Bride (each of us) the least we can do is to also offer our prayers and support and our lives for them and for each of our brothers and sisters.
I have been so very blessed throughout my years since I came into Christ’s Church in being given the privilege of very holy priests now and in the past. From the first Navy Catholic Chaplain that guided me into the Church with patience and grace to my first civilian priest all the way to my present priests I have been blessed! I was afforded the great grace of wonderful Bishops all along the way and of course Pope John Paul II and now our present Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI who is so wonderful. I know that there have been a very few priests who have been great sinners however thanks be to God all the priests I have had the privilege of knowing have been men of such great faith and each in their own way have led me (and countless other souls) further to encountering Christ. I can not even begin to imagine the stress and hidden suffering that a priest has to endure and then to apply that to the Bishops or even the Holy Father it must be a terrible cross. However, that I think is where the grace of the Sacrament of Holy Orders gives ordinary men extraordinary strength to bear their cross for Christ and His Bride. I think we need as Catholics to really thank personally our priests, our Bishops and our Holy Father for the sacrifice of love that they make everyday and to constantly pray for them and even offer up a day or two of fasting for God’s Grace to continue to come to their aid as they Shepard the flock entrusted to them by Our Lord. For my part I need to do more to support them all with my encouragement and especially my prayers. I started a while back making it a habit of offering up an extra Holy Hour each week just for my priests and for all priests, Bishops and the Holy Father and all their intentions. This week I will also offer even one more Holy Hour that they all will be given the strength and encouragement when they need it the most by Our Lord and His Blessed Mother. We as a secular people in this world see editorial after editorial and show after show attacking the dignity of Christ’s Bride and Her Priests. I think though that rather than get all caught up in what ifs and they should do this and that type attitudes around our brothers and sisters in Christ and especially in front of our priests we need rather to turn to Christ and Our Lady in prayer and ask them to bless them with abundant graces that they may lead many souls to Christ Our Lord. We always have to live out our faith with love and truth and defend Christ, His Bride and those consecrated to Him with every ounce of our being. We are afforded a great gift in being able to offer our prayers, works, joys and sufferings for the sake of all souls and especially our Holy Father, our Bishops and our Priests, Deacons and Religious. So, I close this posting with a earnest petition to everyone- please thank God for the men He has called and I ask each of you to make a Holy Hour of Adoration for your Deacons, Priests and Bishops and our Holy Father that God will give them great blessings and graces to proclaim Christ to the world.

I thank You Dearest Father in Heaven for the men You have called to Shepard me and Your Church throughout the world. Please Dear Gracious God shower abundant blessings and graces upon them all and shelter them lovingly in Your Arms. Mary Mother of all Graces and Queen of all Hearts keep all those consecrated to Your Son beneath your protective mantle of Love and Grace always. I bring my prayer before You in union with all the Sacrifices of the Holy Mass celebrated throughout the world and with the intercessions of all the Holy Angels and Saints before Your Throne of Grace and Love. AMEN.
Omnia Pro Iesu Per Mariam!!
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