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Keywords, blog traffic and what not to do

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

+Our Lady of Mount Carmel Pray for us all and lead us to +Your Son +Our Lord Jesus Christ! Posted by Hello
Keywords, blog traffic and what not to do

Now while the reader who has read this blog before can tell you. This blog has developed over time. My abilities and knowledge of blogging and what to and not to do is much better now than months ago. I really thought about starting a brand spanking new blog but I felt that doing so would not show in a more concrete way the development of my soul and prayer life. Sometimes, I think the subtitle to this blog should be “we all have our story, we all have our history, we all develop and through God we are created anew”- but that is a rather long subtitle. If I do not show my own journey even to just a few occasional readers then I think I am not sharing the grace and love which He has granted me and show them that there is hope- In Christ and within the Bark of Peter. So, what does this have to do with blog traffic and keywords you ask? Here is my explanation: I read an online article about keywords and blog traffic and the writer suggested placing certain names- even if they do not relate to your blog as a method of increasing blog traffic- the suggested words or names when I looked them up tended to deal with subjects that I do not want associated with my blog or with me. I think that just to gratuitously throw out certain words or name just to increase traffic for my part is wrong. I guess I feel that if I was to do so knowingly and if someone else who looked up a name or certain words and was led astray and away from Christ would be a terrible miscarriage of what I hope to accomplish. I guess I would rather have 10 visitors a day (I have much more) or less and know that that day I did my best for Him on that posting than to lead someone astray just to gain more visitors. Sure I may post occasionally on a secular topic that has nothing to do with prayer or Our Lord- if I do I will do so in the framework of that posting and try my best to not lead anyone astray from the central message I am trying to pass on that is the wonderful grace that God gives to the soul if we abandon our selves to Him. God does not want us to be involved in the world but not be of the world. I think it is ok for me to post occasionally a something about a sports team or a news item or even a joke but to do so within the framework of faith- I guess it shows that we are all humans. However, to just throw out a certain name or a certain word that has nothing to do with me or my faith in Christ especially if that will lead a person astray would be wrong- very wrong for me. I have been given a tool- a voice- little as it may be in this blog and I have to use that to show His Mercy and His Grace to a world in pain and show that there is a better way. I don’t want to just delete old postings that show my pain or struggles because it denies the wonderful work that He has done and continues to do in my soul, body and mind. I wish I could write like some of the great Catholic bloggers out there- who knows- with Grace and hard work (such as my future schooling- I pray) maybe I can- if that is His Will for me. Today, this minute I have a voice, tomorrow I may not- so I have to trust in Him and today proclaim His Mercy and Grace. There are, as I said blogs which humble me- not just because of the technical style but because of the words and the faith of the people who pour out their lives for the world for the sake of Christ and His Bride via the web. I have linked to a few (at the bottom of this posting) that I admire and trust. There are more out there and I will try in the future to link to them. If I can do one thing it is to Trust in Him whom I love and serve and pray that someone finds hope and finds Christ by seeing my little struggles (with life or with blogging).
Jesus I Trust in You!!
Omnia Pro Iesu Per Mariam!!

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