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On anxiety and hope

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Jesus I Trust in You!! Posted by Hello
I think for myself and for many others one of the easiest ways the evil one can get at me is through anxiety. Anxiety about finances, anxiety about health, family, relationship, and even anxeity about sin and even future events. I think, for myself, it is far too easy to worry and become anxious. Even when I think of relationships or family I will worry about why this person does or does not do this or that or I worry about their situations or health. I am not saying we should not pray or ever be concerned for others, in fact we are called to do so as Christians but ultimatly we have to do or best with our limits and then let go and offer it all up to Christ. When worries become to the point that we are so absorbed in them rather than upon Christ then it more of a selfish thing (for me). I think we should look at the signs of the times and realize that we are in dark days but we should always do so through the eyes of faith and hope and most of all with our hearts and minds raised in prayer to God. In my daily struggles I find my self getting anxious about what others may think or do or even the real health problems and needs of others. We have to use those times to do good to show our faith by good works and most of all by our interactions with others and through prayer for them but in the end when we reach the point that our focus goes off of Christ then we need (I need) to re focus. I have a tendency to want to fix things and when I can't I become anxious but it is at that point I need instead I need to offer it all to Christ and surrender to Divine Providence. So the message I want to pass on in this posting is to let go of the anxiety and to trust in Our Lord. Regardless of the personal situation, regardless of personal struggles or even on a more global scale never ever loose hope in Christ or in others or yourself. When I take the focus off of me and put it on Christ then solutions begin to occur in my life. When my eyes and heart are raised up to Christ then I can see more clearly the needs of others and what I can do to help. When I am just caught up in worry and anxiety then I forget to hope...I forget that there is alot that I can do and in many situations there is nothing I can do and it is all in God's Loving hands. So, today, this weekend and this year even when you start to get caught up in worry and anxiety fix your gaze upon Christ, pray and seek Him in the Sacraments and there and in Him you will find hope!
Omnia Pro Iesu Per Mariam!!
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