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Open Letter to Democrats and all Voter

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

I wrote this letter and mailed it out today to the Minnesota DFL and the DNC and may various elected officials. I highly encourage all Democrats to read this and then make your own choices. For accurate and non party biased information on issues concering life I highly encourage everyone to visit the Priest's For Life website linked here and at the bottom of this posting. We must speak out for Life and Liberty of all people not just a few or because of popular culture. I am sure that this letter and my decision to leave the Democratic Party over issues of Life may make me very un popular with many, even in my own family, but I do so with great thought and prayer and I am not in not do I care about a popularity contest- I have try my best to live by the Truth and follow Christ whether in good times or more difficult. I live for Him and not for myself. My one little voice and my one little vote may not be much but I must do all I can to protect the voiceless and innocent combined together though we all can make changes for life and liberty of all peoples.
Omnia Pro Iesu Per Mariam!

May 5th, 2005

I have been a life long Democrat and have worked in several states for the election of Democratic Party candidates for local, state and national elections. I have also served as an election judge on various occasions. On most issues such as Social Security, Defense, Social Justice and Environmental issues I support the DNC and the Minnesota DFL however I remain seriously divided with the party on the issue of Life. The most recent violation of life and my trust in the DNC and even members of the DFL occurred with the terrible injustice of Terri Schiavo in Florida. This event shook me to the very core. I am a disabled Marine Corps veteran and a person who suffered a head injury. Had it not been for the excellent medical treatment I received from the military and the veteran’s hospitals and even many private doctors I could have easily have been in the same situation that Terri Schiavo was in. It was not just Terri Schiavo’s case which has set me in opposition to the DNC and DFL but also the constant stance of promoting abortion and death under the roués of “Choice”. I say that it is a roués because the person most directly effected by that choice is the innocent life being taken and they are not given a choice whether to live or die. We as Americans and especially as Democrats love to talk about civil rights and for that we all should be proud however when the civil rights of the innocent or unwanted by society are trampled upon we call that “choice”. Using the same logic then would it not be “choice” for slavery to continue or the persecution of indigenous peoples to remain after all if the rights of the majority or the vocal outweigh the rights of the innocent, the unwanted or those without a voice? To truly be a party or a nation that protect civil rights of all people we sometimes must take a stand that is unpopular. I am sure that in the civil rights struggles in the last century and in the days of the civil war those promoters of liberty and justice for all had to occasionally go against the popular culture.
I had wanted to work from within the DFL and even the DNC to promote civil liberties of all people especially those with out a voice but I feel that that is not possible at this time. I believe that until Democrats in leadership roles realize the hemorrhaging of membership and funding due to the choice of the party to not protect the voiceless that change will not occur. I hope and pray for the day when once again Democrats can honestly proclaim that they fight for civil liberties of all people both with money and a voice and those without a voice but that day unfortunately is not today. So then, with sorrow and firm conviction I withdraw my affiliation from the DFL and the DNC and change my political party to the Republican Party. I may be in the minority view with Republicans concerning issues on the environment and health care but on the most important issue that being the protection of all peoples I have common ground. I feel that I can better serve as a participating and active citizen and voter in the Republican party and work for the towards higher goods and common goals there than I can in a party which I feel no longer speaks for honest and true civil liberties and for the good of the common man, woman and child. Not only do I simply change my political affiliation but I will also ask family, friends and anyone I can get to listen to me who also have been life long Democrats to do the same and move all their financial support from the DNC and DFL to the Republican Party. Maybe, with pressure then finally the leadership of the Democratic Party will change its views and begin to regain membership and resources as they begin to fight for civil rights for all peoples. The “choice” now on the future of the Democratic Party is up to you and the leadership. I have sent a copy of this letter to all my elected officials, to the DNC, to family and friends and to the Republican Party to further voice my “choice” to choose life and liberty for all people not just a few. I have also posted this letter in a open letter format on the internet for public reading and to better proclaim liberty and life for all peoples, those with a voice and especially for the voiceless.
I thank you for your time in reading this letter and for your consideration on this most important issue. May God bless us and may He continue to bless our nation and state.

Sincerely Yours,

Edxxxx xx Working

Copy also sent to The Minnesota Republican Party, 525 Park St, Suite 250, St Paul, MN 55103 www.mngop.com
and to the Democratic National Commitee and my State and National policy makers.
Futher information on Life issues can be found at The Priest's For Life website linked here!!

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