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Thursday, May 12, 2005

+Our Lady of the Most Blessed Sacrament pray for us and lead us all to +Your Son +Our Lord +Jesus Christ!! Posted by Hello
This is just a short post but I have added onto the first sidebar a brief read me/ mission statement/ disclaimer last night so that anyone whether they read a older posting or the most recent can kind of figure out why I am doing this. I also know with that vast number of websites out there that it can be confusing to the average surfer to find out what the Church really teaches so- I simply point out that this is just a blog and while there may be some postings that cite official sources that this must for the most part just be viewed as my spiritual journey. So I provided a few peralinks to sites that I recommend to so others where the real answers are. This alas can not point to me but always to Christ and His Bride. Selfishly too I also do not want someone who looks at a posting from a praticular hard day for me and think that it all that I am trying to do. I hope that if others see my struggles and joys the ups and downs just as the tide flows that they will see that the constant person that has carried me onward and upward is Christ. So I am trying to show this so that others who may be having a ruff time as we all do may see that through Christ and His Church we are given hope to carry our crosses. While embarracing to look at our own shorcomings and weaknesses I guess I would rather suffer a bit of embarracement for Our Lord and so that souls are led to Him than to not bear my crosses for Him with Love. I hope that this simple blog can serve as a sign post for the wandering internet surfer to point the way to the real truth and the really good sites that are out there and that will lead them further to Christ. In a way that is what I hope my life can be to others, just a simple sign post, to point the way to the Eternal Joy and Truth of Christ Our Lord. Maybe, if seeing that even I can find so much joy and peace then others will think that if he can find this much joy in Christ and the Church there might be something to this after all. By the way if you are new to this blog you will know that spelling is not a forte of mine and I will try to use the spell checker tonight it does not seem to function properly- so please be paitent with me and forgive me of my spelling and punctuation errors. I seem to be having trouble since I switched templates with my quotation marks and other small things so if you notice a odd looking word it is because I need to work on the coding: maybe some good soul with more script knowledge has some helpful suggestions. I will try to post a bit on tommorrows great Feast later tonight but now I have many things to do and a cat to scold for attacking my shoe.
Omnia Pro Iesu Per Mariam!!

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Amy Welborn's blog: I really like the most her entry recently "From the Pews": a truley great blog!
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