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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Jesus I Trust in You!!! Posted by Hello
My mind has been coming back again and again over the past few days why there are people who are exposed to Truth and become even violently opposed to that Truth. I think that when we face critical times in our lives we are many times forced to face ourselves and to face God- who is Truth itself. It is at those times that we have to make choices- choices to live in the light of Truth and Love or choices to reject Love and Truth and accept darkness. As we (as I) make our choices then we have trouble dealing with the consequenses of those choices. Just saying yes to God carries a responsibility and weight though it comes with great graces and saying no to God also carries the weight and responsibility of darkness and life without grace. More and more as continued choices are made to say yes to God or no to Him further light illuminates the soul or slowly errodes the soul and hardens it more. I think that after awhile the thousands of daily little fiat's to God cullminate in the final fiat to enter into His Presence. Conversly though being exposed to Truth and rejecting it again and again leads the soul to the very gates of hell. I think we pave the way for our souls to destruction or to eternal rejoycing daily by the choices we make in light of the Truth we accept and live out or reject and live out (or should I say die out). I think that many times the core reason that people lead such deperate lives (on a spiritual nature) filled with hatred and darkeness is not because they are angry with God but because deep inside they are angry with theirselves. The Truth will set a person free and that is so true but also if a person after facing the Truth rejects it because it requires change or sacrafice or even forgiveness of someone they do not want to forgive then they, through through their own choice bind their souls and minds to darkness. Today my battle may be stepping out and embracing life and also finding the time to pray tommorrow my battle may be different. If going through the last several years of hardship has taught me anything it is that I can only deal with today's problems and choices with God and tommorrow's I have to leave to Divine Providence. I have to make my little fiat's today for Him and then tommorrow He will give me the grace to deal with that days joys or sufferings when they come. My prayer today is that God may give me the grace to accept the Truth and follow Him in the present moment and keep my heart and soul from becoming hard. There is hope through Christ and if He can take me with all my faults and weaknesses and even through times when I said no and still transform my soul so that it can sing despite pain or health or circumstances then there is absolutely nothing that He can not do with anyone through one simple heartfelt yes. One fiat leads to anouther, one grace leads to anouther and joy and love become manifest in the heart, the mind and the soul. I am not asking anyone to do something that I am not willing to do myself. I am not going to say I have always made the best choices- each day is a struggle to reject evil and live for Christ. Somedays, I must confess the opposite team prevails but through humility and constantly struggling to again everyday pick up my cross for Him transformation of the soul occurs and light shines joyfully and lovingly. This blog is not the easiest thing to do because I am trying to honestly show the ups and downs of my journey so that you can see there is Hope and Love in God. Maybe, through bearing my soul and providing links to important sites that help me then you too may find comfort in fighting your own good fight. Belive me He is worth every effort of it and so are you. When I was in the Marine Corps I always respected the leaders who would lead by example and so I hope and pray that through my very simple and occasionally misspelled words that you will gain courage to make a leap of faith into the Loving Arms of a God that is so great. So, I pray that you too may have this abundant joy and love within your soul through Him and your little fiats to Him who is Love and Truth- Christ Our Lord!
Omnia Pro Iesu Per Mariam!!
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