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Vacation Money

Friday, May 06, 2005

Jesus I Trust in YOU!! Posted by Hello

Vacation Money
We can all identify, most of us can at least, with wanting to take a vacation or purchase that more important thing and having to save change or stash away money for that wonderful day. We eat out less, purchase fewer things or in simple terms make sacrifices in the present for the greater joy in the future. Months before we went to Disneyland last year there were days of peanut butter and jelly rather than expensive meals so that we could go. The long term goal was more important than the shorter term sacrifice. I apply the same logic to some sufferings that we all endure if they lead to eternal joy. I have had many little sufferings over the past few years- some because of my own obviously wrong choices (in retrospect) and some because of the ebbs and flows of life. I like to think about my little sufferings as the bad cooking and occasional sacrifices that I have to go through in order to have that ultimate joy with Our Lord in eternity. Kind of like the old ad stated ‘you can pay me now or pay me later’ we have to endure hardships and pain and many times it makes no sense why. It is only looking back at these times and also looking at Him that I realize that my hardships led me to Him which ended up giving my soul a much greater joy than I ever had before all of this. In the 3rd chapter of St. John’s Revelations (Rev. 3: 19) we are told that those whom He loves He will chastise. This sounds like a contradiction until we think of a child crossing a busy road would we simply let them face that danger or even injury or death without a warning or chastisement to walk with a grown up rather than blindly running into certain danger. Any parent, at least any loving parent, would not occasionally fuss at or ground a child with love so that the child would be safe crossing the road rather than just let them face certain injury or even death by letting them do what they wanted in crossing the road. We have a God who will not only try to get our attention with love sometimes, which is not always to enjoyable, and then take us by the hand lovingly and lead us across the danger ahead. Evil creates so many dangers to us all not only in this life but can led to eternal death we have to be guided and occasionally endure some chastisement in order to wake us all up- individually and as a world out of Mercy and Love. We all have to make sacrifices, for short term happiness or even for long term eternal joy. Enough suffering takes place in the world and in our personal lives we do not need to bring on more- for ourselves or others- but when it (and it will) comes we offer it up with love for our own sanctification and that of those around us. We do not need to be afraid when hard times come but know that through those times we grow towards Him and led others to Him. I would rather endure pain now so that my soul and the souls of others may be directed to Eternal Joy and Peace with Christ than to float through life with no hurt or pain, never turn to Him and then face the real suffering without Him in eternity. So maybe when those hard times in life come we should rather than cursing at the pain and darkness realize that we have been given another chance at Real Joy which only comes through Christ Our Lord!
Jesus I Trust in YOU!!
Omnia Pro Iesu Per Mariam!!
Friday May 7th in the Great Year of Grace and Mercy 2005
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