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The birth of St. John the Baptist

Friday, June 24, 2005
This has to be a quick entry as we are about to sit for dinner soon (I hope!). I was lucky enough yesterday to make a mini pilgramage to the National Shrine of the Infant Jesus of Prague. I belive one of the primary reasons I love to meditate on the childhood of Our Lord is that it makes me think of just how much God loves us (me) that He would become a little child with all the vulnerabilities of childhood (illness, diapers ect.) in order to later on become the adult Christ that would suffer and die for us all and in three days rise on that Glorious Easter morning. I think of times when I feel particuarly vulerable (in other words human) to think hey God while still being fully Divine became fully human and was a little one too for me (for us all). It is hard to explain in a brief posting and He is worth more than just a little entry but when I think of the adult Christ, the suffering Christ I also think of the infant Christ being held by His Mother and foster father St. Joseph and the reverse is true also. I look at the Child Jesus and think that those hands and those little feet would be pierced for us (for me) the flawless side of Our Lord would suffer the lance for me. The precious face which later would show so much pain on our behalf...all for Mercy and Love of me and the whole world. I guess seeing the Infant Jesus puts things in perspective for me.
Last night I was further blessed to be able to attend Mass and Benediction at a near by parish that is having a forty hour devotion. Tomorrow I will go back for some one on one time with Our Redeemer and attend Mass in the am and then again for the Sunday Vigil.
I read a neat article from my parents United Methodist magazine (the Interpreter) about blogging for Jesus. If I can locate the link to the article I will try to provide it later as I am pressed for time right now. Had it not been for the faithfilled Christian men and women of the Methodist Church that sustained and nurished my faith then I would not have been able to as easily have studied more in depth Christ's life which ended leading me into the fullness of the faith in the Catholic Church. I never cease to thank God for granting me parents and men and women who continue to inspire me to follow Our Lord. We have some definate differences but we also hold more in common in our faith in Christ Jesus.

Well, I did not really get to add links on this posting as I usually try to do because of the short time but I will try if I can to come back later and add the links. This would be a incompleate posting this evening without mentioning that today in the Church we remember the birth of St. John the Baptist also known as St. John the Forerunner to our eastern brothers and sisters. In the spirit of St. John and with his intercession I beg all of you to "repent and look to Jesus Christ- The Lamb of God!" Jesus I trust in You! Thank you Lord for this day!
Omnia Pro Iesu Per Mariam!!
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