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Monday, June 13, 2005

"Lord open my lips...and my mouth shall proclaim Your praise!!" Posted by Hello
I was thinking about my own journey into contemplative prayer and later in the day about blogging then I thought what if various contemplatives (secular and monastics) from various stages in their journey and even various religous orders (women and men) had a multi-blog?
This way one person would not have to do all the blogging and could focus on their journey with Our Lord and Our Lady. Also by having a multi-blog of various women and men people could see the various stages in prayer in real life today people. One particular person may only make one posting a week but combined there could be postings everyday and then they could each give their own reflections from Lectio Divina or the Divine Office or the Rosary as it relates to where they are in their journey. I think if well constructed with catagories and a nice template and good links for resources that it could be a effective apostolate to others to also place their self within the Divine Furnace of Love and Mercy. I would be happy to help but if there is a good Catholic blogmaster out there that could assist (and maybe provide some assistance for me) I belive that it would really help people. I was just thinking this morning about the fact that in my move towards greater contemplative prayer even with direction it would be nice to see others who are at various stages of their journey. Who knows maybe we could win a few hearts and souls for Christ or even a vocation or two?? It might end up also being a good resources for others to gather inspiration about a particular mystery or passage. Please think about it, pray about it and let me know what we all can do together to draw others towards a greater union with Our Lord in prayer.
Omnia Pro Iesu Per Mariam!!
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