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The Carmel within....

Sunday, June 26, 2005

Our Lady of Mount Carmel pray for us all and lead us to your Divine Son, Our Lord Jesus Christ!! Posted by Hello
I wrote these words, not to elloquent- sorry, after returning from Sunday Mass this morning and thought I would pass them on in thanksgiving to Our Lord and Our Lady of Mount Carmel for guiding me along my path up this Holy Mountain of Carmel.
On a side note please pray for God's abundant Graces on the new Monastary of Poor Claires of Perpetual Adoration in Arizona. I also ask for your continued prayers for an outpouring of Graces upon the Discalced Carmelite Sisters in Minnesota. I ask that if you can you support them both not only with your prayers but with what gifts you can give. I feel there is not enough we can do to assist the brides of Christ in their holy work. Enough rambling though here is my little poem/ prayer of love about the Carmel within my soul.
Omnia Pro Iesu Per Mariam!

“The Carmel within”

Oh, Sweet and Gentle Lady in brown
who guides my soul and from whom Mercy and Love abound.
Oh, Great Star of Carmel, whom I carry within this prison of my body.
Sweet Carmel of Love within that I carry within the cloistered walls of my soul.
Dear Carmel within which leads me to fly while still grounded in these chains of the secular world.
Mother of Carmel who grants Light from Your Divine Son as I trudge about the darkness of the world without.
Joyful Carmel within the depths of my soul which allows me to dance for Love in the midst of the paralysis of darkness, distraction and pain.
Good Loving Mother who washes my face and removes the tears with your Grace and holds my hand as I greet your Divine Son- My Master, My Lord, My Redeemer, My Hope and My Friend.
Dear Sweet Adorable IESU who illuminates my way. You, Dear Master, have given me this Carmel within my heart and soul. Grant me Dear Lord that I may always carry the Joy of Your Carmel of Love within my soul and help me to proclaim Your Love and Mercy so that others to may find You and Your Mother, my Lady of Carmel, within the depths of their souls. Lead me deeper into Your Heart and consume in the Flames of Your Love myself totally given to You, my Sweet IESU: who dwells with Your Mother within the Carmel of my heart and soul. My Dearest Loving IESU, Oh how I love YOU! My Loving Jesus I trust in YOU! Amen.

+written soon after Holy Sunday Mass June 26th in the Year of Great Mercy and Grace 2005
Edward Elijah Mary of The Sacred Heart and Divine Mercy of God, OCDS

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