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Day is Done and what a great day it was!

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Thank You Gracious Father for granting me this day, I love you and praise You! Alow that I may always love You and serve You till the sunset of my life. Amen. Posted by Hello
It was a pretty busy day today but absolutely full of great Grace. I had Holy Hour with Our Loving Redeemer this morning and then met with my spiritual director. Then the afternoon was full of chores and running around trying to get ready to go on vacation on Friday. I started the day thinking while before the Throne of Grace that Our Lord asks so little of me- just that I Love Him and serve Him with all my heart and trust in Him to lead the way. I finish my day knowing that throughout the day- even in slightly more difficult moments that He was there with me. I honestly feel sometimes like my heart is going to explode with love and joy. I see folks go through there lives and some have that light which shines through their eyes from their soul and some are just empty and in some cases dark inside. My heart breaks when I see people who are suffering within their souls but I just offer my prayer to Our Lord to allow them somehow to find that love and joy which comes only from Christ Our Lord. I kind of wish I could stand alone on a mountain like Elijah or Moses or the other men and women and pray for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit upon the face of the earth so that many many precious souls would reap the rewards of Grace and Mercy. But rather I will just offer my prayers tonight especially for the souls of those that are furthest away from Him and unite my prayers with those of the choirs of angels and saints and men and women in the Church Militant for all peoples. So, my day is about done...I am rather sleepy...wanted to call a friend but may have to wait. Please say a prayer for us as we have a long drive on Friday and for all travelers. I included one of my favorite hymns...I know the words by heart from the Divine Office but have yet to actually hear the music to it. The words are so beautiful and give me such solace and consolations. I only wish I could thank the priest who wrote them personally. This hymn has helped me in days of great suffering and blessed me in days of joy and it always draws me closer to Christ's love. Fr. Quinn where ever you live thank you for helping me to trust in Christ through the years with your words.
I wish I could pass on to those of you who do not pray the Divine Office (Liturgy of the Hours) just how much it affects you as your day runs it's course to stop in the hustle and bustle and offer prayers and grow in the Word of God. It has been a constant blessing in my life especially on those days when I was enduring some pretty tuff suffering and also on the days when I did not really feel like praying it put me in the right frame of mind. Even for my Christian brothers and sister who are not Catholic I would really think about trying the Office out it is such a great way to ground your day and give you perspective. I use the four volume edition but to start out with I used and would recommend the one volume edition to get used to it and save a buck or two.
By the way- I added this on after initially posting this since I forgot to mention it but the people at the Tribulation Times have a wonderful meditation on the site today about the Holy Eucharist and several great links. Please check it out it is worth it! My apology for not intially providing the information and link to you.
Well, I went on longer than I planned to in this posting.
Time for me to conclude for tonight.

Omnia Pro Iesu Per Mariam!!!

Day is done, but love unfailing dwells ever here
Shadows fall, but hope, prevailing, calms every fear.
God, our Maker, none forsaking,

take our hearts of Love's own making

Watch our sleeping, guard our waking,
be always near.
Dusk descends, but light unending
shines through our night
You are with us, ever lending
new strength to sight
One in love, your truth confessing
one in hope of heaven's blessing
May we see, in love's possessing
love's endless light!
Eyes will close, but you unsleeping
watch by our side
Death may come, in love's safekeeping
still we abide
God of love, all evil quelling
sin forgiving, fear dispelling
Stay with us, our hearts indwelling
this eventide.

Music: Ar hyd y nos Traditional Welsh
Words: James Quinn, S.J. (20thC)

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