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Going home on Thursday!!

Wednesday, June 29, 2005
We will be driving back home on Thurs! Will leave Oklahoma about 4am and should pull in at home in Minnesota about 8pm or so. Please remember us as we travel in your prayers and also please say a couple Hail Mary's and Our Father's for some very important intentions I have. Should all go well I will be back to regular posting/ blogging on Friday/ Sat.. There is a first friday/ first sat. prayer vigil I want to attend on Friday night/ Sat early am but I may be too tired from the drive to go. It is going to be a very busy few weeks for me and quite a bit is riding on some meetings at the school ect which will effect next fall's classes. Over the next few weeks if I repeat the theme of trusting in Christ several times it is because this is a pretty big step in my life for me. It is kind of time for me to put my money (or in this case actions) where my mouth/ blog and heart is- so please remember this and some more personal things in your prayer. As I mentioned before this Friday is the First Friday of the month when we can especially remember the Sacred Heart of Our Lord Jesus and I encourage you to participate. I did not realize just how much I needed this break until just a couple days into it but the work in my soul that Christ's Grace has made manifest has continued with even greater intensity as you can see in my last few postings. Have a great couple days and again remember us in your prayers and check in again on Friday and most of all Trust in Christ's Love and Mercy.
Omnia Pro Iesu Per Mariam!!
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