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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Our Lady of Perpetual Help pray for us and lead us from darkness into the Light of Our Lord Jesus Christ your Son!! Posted by Hello
I see people who go through "leading lives of quiet desperation" and I wonder why and I become frustrated. Why when there is so much Love and Joy that can be found in Christ do they reject God's Love and Mercy? Then I have to think of my own journey and realize that I too have turned my back from Him. Sometimes the only way to really see the Light of the Day is to be hit over the head- so to speak and awake from deep sleep. Sometimes God in His Mercy, I think, allows us to stumble and fall and even endure a skinned knee or some suffering so that we wake up and allow Him to manifest His Love with in us. St. Paul in his letter to the Galatians gives them (and us) a wake up call when he hits the nail on the head with "Oh you stupid Galatians..." and the pslamist speaks of of waking up in Pslam 73: 21-28. We forge our own pride and selfish desires in darkness and it is difficult to give up those notions of who we want God to be and so we remain many times in darkness rather than realize that the God of Love and Mercy has been there the entire time. In the Divine Office I just finished the Book of Job and I was particually drawn to the end of the book where instead of God answering Job's questions of why he suffered God answers the question with a question "Where were you when I formed the earth...". Many times I want all the answers to all the questions and I want God to give me the answers that I want but I have to realize that He is the one who formed the earth and I at last am just a wandering visitor trying to leave the darkness and enter into His Presence and Love. Just like the people of St. Paul's time and just like the Pslamist sings my heart was enbittered and my soul deeply wounded- I could not understand. So, I have to be patient with others and realize that I too "was lost but now I have been found, I was blind but now I see." The only thing I can do alas is sing of God's Mercy and Love as it has manifested itself within my soul and try to tell everyone who may hear that with Christ we need not lead those lives of desperation but rather rejoyce for God's Love and Mercy will lead us all from darkness into Light and Life. I know that if God's Love can allow my soul to sing out of the hardtimes that I have gone through that He can do that with anyone for His Name is Love and Mercy.
Fiat voluntas tua!!
Omnia Pro Iesu Per Mariam!!
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