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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Iesu Ufam Tobie!! Jesus I Trust in YOU!! Posted by Hello
I listened to Relevant Radio on my way back from Adoration this eve and one of the people (a woman- can't recall her name) was using the expression 'constructing a scaffording for the soul' in realtion to theology and morality. I really liked the expression she used. I wish I could recall her name I really enjoy listening to her speak- I think it was the Drew Mariani Show but I could be wrong. I never could listen to Relevant Radio in the old jeep I had since my radio was always out but I am so very appriciative of their apostolate. I wish I could support the ministry with my finacially but right now that is not possible- hopefully not to much longer though. However what I can do is to really encourage you to support them as you can and also and most importantly pray for them as they bring Christ to the radio world. What I can not give in money right now I do offer to Our Lord in a Holy Hour of Adoration for their work that He may bless them and just like He did with the loaves and fishes multiply the bounty to countless precious souls who listen in. If you have Relevant Radio in your area then listen and support them and if you do not then maybe help them to find someway of coming into your area. I assure you that apostolate's like this and also EWTN reach so many people who might otherwise not come to really know the fullness and joy of our Catholic faith. While I brought up EWTN I would like to personally again thank them for such a wonderful gift to the world. There has been so many times, especially when I was really sick and could not attend Mass like I wanted to or needed to be inspired, that the good solid shows nutured me and pointed the way towards Christ. I really think had it not been for EWTN back then that I might not now have reached the depth of love I have for Christ and His Bride. To those that have some extra money and really want to make a difference in the lives of others- especially eternally- then help EWTN out and pray for them constantly.

Well that is enough shameless plugging for tonight.-- I had a neat experiance tonight during Adoration I thought I would share a part of it. I had was part way through Evening Prayer and came to the canticle which tonight since we celebrated the Feast of St. Justin Martyr came from Revelation (4:11, 5:9, 10, 12) which you can read for yourself but as I was praying it the choir -who I could hear- they are so good- started practicing the Alleluia. I don't know if I was just lucky or if Our Lord was giving me some consolation but it was just what I needed at the time. I think it is that way with grace and gifts from God - He knows just the right time to give us what we need when we need it. Having a God who searches the depths of our souls and loves us so very much absolutely 'knocks my socks off'- for lack of a better term. Just when I think I am starting to comprehend His Love and Mercy then I realize that I have not even tapped into a drop of the vast and limitless ocean that is within His Heart. Words really do not do justice to this joy and love that He has given me (to all of us). I guess all I can do is try my best to somehow pass on to everyone who may read this that all you have to do is just say "Jesus I Trust In YOU!". Then you can find out on your own and your soul can sing with mine also.
I think one could look from the outside and look and wonder why is this guy so joyful with the various things that have happened well what I have to say is simply look to Our Lord and you will find your answer. Yes, the last 6-9 years have been pretty tuff and I would not wish it on anyone. No, there was not a over night change it took years of suffering but finally through all the pain (physical, emotional and spiritual) I came to know God's limitless Love and unfathomable Mercy. This is what I pray I can pass on to the wandering internet surfer the fact that it does not matter what baggage you have or the pain you have endured or still endure because there is Hope. I can no more contain the gift of love He has given me than I could stop the pain of 18 plus surgeries over the years. I know that know I must offer to Him my everything for the proclaimation of His Love and Mercy to others. This little blog is fine but I have to take the next step so in the coming months you will hear of my exploits more as I offer myself as I feel I am called and what transpires. I entrust what ever direction He calls me as I am directed by those I am obediant to- to Divine Providence and to Christ who is rich in Mercy. Please pray for me and those in my life as I attempt to surrender more fully to The Love and Mercy of God. Please know that I do pray for all who may happen across this blog and that God's Mercy, Grace and Love may become manifest within your life also. "Iesu Ufam Tobie- Jesus I trust in You!'
Omnia Pro Iesu Per Mariam!!
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